Wickenburg Dog Park

We head out of town and make a mandatory stop at the Wickenburg Dog Park located next to the airport.  The boys begin their chorus of “We’re here! We’re here!” the second they spy the large fenced enclosure and three other canine soon-to-be-friends inside.  They’re such a handful right now that I forget to take my camera in with us. This happens often as this is their usual response once they realize where we are.  The Chiweenie Brothers love their dog park time!

The park consists of a very large dirt area with bag dispensers everywhere along the fence.  A large covered area with chairs and a table are right by the entrance with a couple of tables and chairs under sparse shade trees in two different areas toward the middle.  There is a nice small area for smaller dogs (?) with a big ring of padded wrought iron chairs for group chat sessions I guess.  The bag holders are obvious. They do not want you to forget even if you are deep in conversation.



The three pooches here already are not too interested in romping with the boys so The Chiweenie Brothers romp and play together charging, play biting, tackling, and what seems to be a game of tag. Charlie tires and sits for a spell while I throw the ball for Fries.  That boy’s energy level never seems to drop!

When Fries finally quits wanting to retrieve the ball and I can tell Charlie has had enough I leash the boys and gather our poopy bags for depositing in the trash on our way out. 

Love this sign!        DSC_0007

The Chiweenie Brothers would also like to provide this Public Service Announcement:

Sign up at DogFoodAdvisor.com  to receive email alerts on recalled pet food and treats.  We’re shocked at how frequently recalls  happen! 

Bark, woof, wag!  The Chiweenie Brothers   





Hello Wickenburg

On Sunday, March 18th, the wind has blessedly died down. I am more than ready to travel on, and we leave Bouse heading out on Hwy 72, catching Hwy 60 east to Wickenburg. It’s about an 80 mile drive.

Arriving in Wickenburg around noon I am a bit surprised on how much this little town has grown since I was first here 20 years ago.  It has an “old west” historical section and the newer parts of town have a southwestern theme. It appears businesses are required by county council or whoever the powers-that-be are to build and keep this theme. 

I get the feeling they do not like visitors, however, as their parking lots are teeny tiny and there is no way you can get a big motorhome, or even a travel trailer in some of the lots. Traffic is horrendous,  and there was no way to park and take photos. The Chiweenie Brothers see their first mule, with rider on its back, and of course go nuts.  This sets the tone for the day. *Sigh*.  

Despite all that I have the nearby BLM boondocking area in my GPS and we follow it’s instructions to Blue Tank Road that leads to Sophie’s Flat.  


We didn’t go all the way in to Sophie’s Flat as the road, while graded and wide enough for vehicles to pass each other, has some wicked steep down/up grades.  We find a spot alongside the road which in hindsight made me think perhaps I SHOULD have gone on, but we stayed two days and left.

The ATVs were numerous and not many would slow down going past people camped . It IS a pretty area though with a wide variety of cacti and other desert plants:  Ocotillo, barrel, cholla, paddle cactus (beaver tail), and the stately saguaro.  There were others, but I simply can’t think of them as I write this.

The boys enjoy the sunshine, and Charlie keeps an eye on the greasewood bushes lest one of those dang lizards tries to attack!


Thanks for stopping by!  Hugs, Shawna