April 5, 2018. We leave White Spar Campground just outside of Prescott and head to Prescott Valley—again—to make a stop a Petco for a new harness for Fries and some dog food along with a quick stop at Wally World for a couple of things I forgot to get the other day.
We head toward Montezuma’s Castle, near Camp Verde. By the time we arrive here it is mid-afternoon and it’s way too warm to leave the boys in the van. I turn around and head back to Cliff Castle Casino and we spend the night in their parking lot.

In the morning I am not enthused about checking out the castle so I decide today we do Sedona.

The highway to Sedona takes us through Red Rock Country and it’s spectacular.


Sedona is a gorgeous town, but the traffic and tourists are horrendous.  All can be forgiven though with a back drop like this!


The dog park in Sedona has to have the most gorgeous backdrop of anywhere!


The boys have a good time and, as always, meet new friends. Charlie is as bossy as ever!


I repeat, Sedona, Arizona is a gorgeous town with spectacular views of Red Rock Country. Rotarys or roundabouts or traffic circles, whatever you may have heard them called, keep traffic moving pretty steady through the touristy part of the city, and every time we approach one the woman in my GPS says “Enter rotary and take the second exit to 89A.” Alrighty then! A half-dozen or so roundabouts later we are out of town.

Rather than take I-17 I prefer to take the scenic route toward Flagstaff. Oak Creek Canyon, highway 89A, is a two-lane road following Oak Creek for about 20 miles and full of twists and turns. It is a beautiful drive, and the only time I can imagine it being better would be to take it in the fall when the leaves are turning. It’s also a very busy little road!! There are campgrounds along the end towards Flagstaff, but I pass them by.

It’s been a very interesting, but busy day, and once out of the canyon I begin looking for a place to call home for a few days. It isn’t long  before I see a forest service road that looks promising.

The dispersed camping sites aren’t too far off the highway, but far enough that traffic isn’t easily heard. I find a nice spot among the pines and we settle in. It’s at about 6000 feet so daytime temps won’t be a problem, and there’s a pretty stiff breeze, too.  Nights are cool. We’ll sleep good tonight!

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CAMP AMENITIES: Nothing but a fire ring. This is dispersed (boondocking) camping. No water, no toilets, no garbage, no tables. Bring it in, take it out.