Heading Back to Rock Hound

We have used up our allotted two weeks here in City of Rocks and must move. The logical place is back to Rock Hound while we wait for the new generator to arrive.

Laundry needs to be done and it has warmed up to mid-90s so we head out as soon as we’ve had our breakfast; me, oatmeal, The Chiweenie Brothers soaked kibble with about ¼ cup of raw hamburger each. I can get laundry done really early as most are open at least by 7:00.
While the laundry is dancing around in the washer I run over to Walmart, also open at the crack of dawn, (well, they are 24 hours so I guess they are always open! ) and grab supplies, stop by the ice palace (my name for it—a stand-alone, self-serve ice kiosk) and purchase a large bag, dump it in the ice chest then go get the-clean-by-now clothes. I’ll line dry them when we get to camp. Next it’s a quick stop at the library: A book, several movies downloaded, and a couple blog posts are scheduled.
The Chiweenie Brothers get their time at the dog park, a couple of hours’ worth. No hurry to leave here. Most campers don’t leave, if they are leaving, until noon, and it is easier to find a good spot if we wait until late morning, early afternoon to look for a camp. In this case it’s my favorite at the top of the parking chain—as opposed to the food chain, ha, ha—primitive site #3 overlooking the park and valley below. And it’s AVAILABLE!!!

DSC_0004Same Mtn, different view
Love This Mountain As You Drive Into Rock Hound

Still waiting for the generator to arrives. Thanks for stopping by 2DogsTravel.com. Hugs, Shawna

Our last night at Rock Hound and we get this gift