It’s Here!

Friday, June 28th. Having gotten almost everything loaded up last night, we are up early. This isn’t unusual but actually it is a bit earlier than our normal routine. The dogs are put out on the lead to do their business while I gather items for a quick shower before leaving City of Rocks for the last time. The generator will be here today!

The shower feels marvelous, but what is going to feel even better is getting up into a higher elevation. This has been a tough few weeks dealing with ever increasing heat, but it is finally going to end, and I am excited.
We head to Deming where we pass the time waiting for FedEx to deliver the goods by checking supplies—we’re okay—getting ice and water, and a session at the dog park.
The boys romp while I visit with an elderly veteran. He and his wife settled in Deming a few years ago. He flew planes in Vietnam and had always wanted to become a commercial pilot after the war, but his eyesight was a smidge off and he was declined. Instead he bought a small plane and learned aerial acrobatics! He no longer has his plane, but keeps busy with his own two rescue dogs as well as volunteering at the local shelter. Another very interesting person.
The call from MotoTech comes in around 12:30. The genny has arrived, and we’re off to pick it up and be on our way to Las Cruces to get another problem solved.
It is very hot and quite humid in Las Cruces. As we are stopped at a red light I hear yelling and warnings to our right. I see a man with a gun. Oh shit. It takes a beat or two and hearing the words GET DOWN ON THE GROUND. DOWN ON THE GROUND NOW!! Before it registers that it is the law that has the gun, and as I am pulling up my camera two more vehicles, unmarked, pull in front of a black SUV with a very damaged front bumper and left fender. I get a nice shot of the unmarked’s. DSC_0005 (2)LEO Take Down in Verizon Parking Lot, Las Cruces
The two gals they had on the ground were in tank tops and shorts. That pavement must have been broiling hot!!
NOTE: Later after getting another SIM card for the Mobely (internet hot spot) and getting it working once again we head over to Wally. I see a piece of a black bumper and a left fender just lying in the parking lot. Looks like this is where the black SUV got into trouble! Wish I knew the “rest of the story.”
Our next stop is Leasburg Dam State Park a bit north from Las Cruces. It’s an okay park and there is a Fort Seldon nearby to see, but one night here is all we do.

In the morning, I reorganize the back between my bed and the back doors to once again accommodate the generator. I’m thinking maybe we will do one more night in the now vacated spot that overlooks the river below, DSC_0008 (2)We Were Going to Stay Here For Night Two, but ...

but go back to Plan A and we head out after spotting this guy crawling around the shade shelter in broad daylight. DSC_0007Bat Closeup

Thanks for stopping by 2DogsTravel!  Hugs, Shawna

The Bark Park, Yuma AZ

November 10, 2017. It’s true! There is a dog park in Yuma, and oh what a park it is!  HUGE!  Bigger than a football field, it actually belongs to Walmart. It was their drainage area where excess water is routed during an epic rain storm.  The city wanted a dog park and went to Walmart with this proposition:  Let us build a dog park on this piece of property and you won’t have to pay taxes on it.  Win-win, wouldn’t you say?  

It slopes so doggies and doggie moms and dads get really good exercise. There is a concrete sidewalk on three sides with benches if you need to sit.  Shade trees. There’s even some agility props for those wanting to utilize those things. They, I assume the city, even provide poop bags, as many do, so there’s no excuse for not cleaning up after your dogs!


Meet Max, the pit bull/boxer cross. Charlie found a new best friend.  Fries was a bit wary.


We spent the night at a nearby Walmart (undercover because there’s no over-nighting at this Wally) and we repeated the trip to the Bark Park next morning before heading out to Q (Quartzsite, AZ) where we will spend the winter in various BLM boondocking sites.

And because we will be staying in one camp for up to two weeks at a time, I will be taking a break from the blog for the month of December.  We will be taking short day trips or possibly even staying longer in the surrounding area, and I will, of course, do posts about those, but they won’t be published until January.  I know you are all busy, busy, busy this time of year so I won’t bother you until next year! 

I’ll be busy with adding tags to previous posts to make things easier to find if you want to go back and get information on a particular spot, and adding a page on the various dog parks we come across along with some who, what, when, and where for those who may not have utilized dog parks before, and some etiquette and what to expect.