Hippy Hole

New Years 2022 It’s back to the Cibola NWR area and a couple days with a friend, Jayne, and her giant sweet black dog, Rio, down from Canada for the winter.

Jayne has been to Hippy Hole before, but it’s new to me and The Chiweenie Brothers. Located a bit north of the refuge, Hippy Hole is a small BLM camping area with a few covered tables, a fire ring, and vault toilets. It sits on a small lagoon alongside the Colorado River and is so peaceful. An occasional vehicle rumbles by, but it’s not constant and not a bother.

We spend our days walking the dogs, playing card games, relearning how to play Mexican Train … and eating. Jayne fixed a scrumptious dish called Mission Shrimpossible, starring jumbo shrimp in a tomato sauce with zucchini and feta cheese served over rice. I made a salad and brought snacks and fixings for hot toddies when night descends and the wind blows. Yeah, it was pretty cold on New Year’s Eve. Just another reason to have another toddy! Cheers!

Birds are plentiful and a joy to watch from our respective vehicles in the cold mornings. Egrets, a great blue heron, many coots, a pair of grebes that were too quick to photograph, and two pair of American white pelicans. The pelicans flew off at one point, but one pair came back soaring low, extending their ‘landing gear’ and gliding silently onto the water. Of course, I didn’t have my camera ready. A Flock of sandhill cranes flew over in the early morning on New Year’s Day.

The wind blew all night beginning New Year’s Eve and by noon on January 1, 2022 it hadn’t let up. We decided to call it a wrap. Fun while it lasted!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Stay safe, be happy, and make 2022 one to remember.

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City of Rocks, Third Time’s a Charm

So here we are —- back at City of Rocks and believe it or not we didn’t see it all the first time. Blessed with lots of wildlife as we wait on that genny.



I am happy to report that yes, the generator is here, and we are now on the road to more adventure, and hopefully some higher elevations and cooler temps.
Short post, lots of photos. Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Shawna


DSC_0039Early Morning Can you see anything in these Rocks

The I Heart City of Rocks DSC_0034 I Heart the City of Rocks

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Pancho Villa State Park

While I patiently (cough, cough) wait for news that the new generator has arrived, the Chiweenie Brothers and I are up early each morning for a walkabout. Just before the sun peaks over the horizon is just about right. The park is just three miles from the Mexico/US border and being farther south is a wee bit warmer.  UGH!

DSC_007White Winged Dove
White Winged Dove

Pancho Villa isn’t just a pretty park, it’s a historical site with an interesting story and you’ll see more photos than I can put in this post.  Learn more about it HERE.

DSC_0077View of Park from Cootes HillDSC_0079Pancho Villa State Park II

We are rousted by the park ranger from our second spot in the park (I had moved the van hoping to utilize a more east-to-west orientation to minimize the amount of sun hitting MissAdventure). He won’t allow us to be at an electrical site even though we are not using any electricity. We move to the perimeter, but it leaves a lot to be desired, although we do have a water spigot at our spot. The way the primitive sites are arranged there is no way to have the van oriented with the sun, east to west, and it’s getting even hotter. Two nights of this and I decide to head back to Deming, check on that stinking generator, then head back to City of Rocks. From here in Columbus that’s about 60 miles so maybe we can have a few degrees shaved off the daily highs of 98+.

DSC_0074Site of the last hostile action sign

DSC_0088the first grease rack

As I am breaking camp I glance over to the site across the road and can’t believe my eyes. There are two owls seeking shade under the canopy covering the picnic table. I inch back around the van and grab my camera. They are still there, and I grab a few shots.

DSC_0095Pair of Great Horned Owls Staying out of the Heat
I think they are young owls trying to get out of the heat of the sun

Out of nowhere the wind does its thing and a sudden grab-your-hat gust of wind blows through and the owls disappear. I continue breaking camp, but I sure don’t remember those owls flying off very far, but they are gone. I wonder if they are in the tree next to the shade cover. I slowly and cautiously meander over toward the tree and discover that yes, they are in the tree. I get two shots, one of each owl, before they are spooked and fly off. Only one shot comes out. DSC_0096 Great Horned Owl
I finish loading up and we head back north to Deming where we will do the weekly thing: Supplies, ice, dog park, gas. I call MotoTech and speak with James. Cassie isn’t in yet, but he will have her call me. I try to call Westinghouse only to get a recording that “I have used up my allotted calls for the month.” WHAT THE HELL??? Excuse my French, but is this for real???
I am so angry at this point I . . . need to calm down. Evidently they have other customers who aren’t too happy with them as I am sure they didn’t install this little feature just for me. And if calling once a week to check on progress is too much, wellll, let me just say that I won’t be buying any more Westinghouse products. Ever. This is just the last straw. I fuss and fume my way through the weekly errands.
Just as we are ready to head north back to City of Rocks, I call Cassie who is the one who tells me that Westinghouse did not get the new generator shipped out last week as planned, that it will be going out today. A few hours later I receive a tracking number from the company. The generator is supposed to arrive this Friday, June 28th. Do I dare hold my breath?

Thanks for coming along on what has been a crazy six weeks. Not exactly what I thought our tour of New Mexico State Parks would be like, but it’s bound to get better. We have seen three very different, very pretty state parks. More than once it turns out, but it is what it is.  See you at City of Rocks AGAIN! Hugs, Shawna

January 2019, Round Two

In mid-January we head to Bouse where I attend another Bouse Genies’ class, this one on using the Legacy program. Interesting and informative. The boys get their time in the dog park before and after class.
The third week in January we head toward Yuma. This adorable church nestled in an agricultural area caught my eye.

DSC_0081Pause Rest Worship sign
DSC_0078Little Church

On to Fortuna Pond we find “our” spot unoccupied and we settle in. On day three I pull a filling and part of a front bottom tooth out while flossing and make an appointment with my dentist in Los Algadones. We spend the night at Walmart, and the boys get to visit the Bark Park just up the street the next morning. Another night at Wally and we head back to Fortuna Pond, this gem of an oasis nestled near Yuma’s luscious fields of crops, where we spend about a week.

DSC_0115Blue Heron with In Focus Eye
DSC_0117Heron Taking Off of Fortuna PondDSC_0103Coot on Fortuna Pond DSC_0099Coot Taking Off



Star gazing is wonderful out here where no city lights can obscure the night sky’s brilliant display, and if it’s a moonless night and the crop dusters aren’t flying the sky is even more captivating, diamond strewn and sparkling against the inky blackness.
One night I see three orange globes—or perhaps one winking on and off as it fell—bigger than an exercise ball fall from a low altitude out of the sky. Two nights later a white basketball-sized meteor fell from east to west lighting up the area for about five seconds before disappearing, its long tail fading behind it. Oh for shots of those two displays!
And the coyotes put on an unbelievable concert. I’ve never heard what sounded like an army of them, and the vocalizations were fierce, perhaps taking down an animal. A few nights later they could be heard again, not so many, and one howling away. Fries answered him with a howl or two of his own. Next day I research coyote “talk” and my heart skipped a beat when I read that the howl is given when the coyote wants others to know his location. Cute as it was, Fries will not be answering anymore howls!
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