Arizona Beach and Arch Rock

September 26 we get an early start. Edson Creek has been a good campground for us, but it’s good to be on the road again.  We gain Highway 101, and as I point the van’s nose south it occurs to me that Freedom, while still a good name and good description for what this vehicle has meant to me, it doesn’t quite fit any longer. We’ve been on the road for over a year now, and that is definitely freedom. We’ve seen so much and I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity, these adventures. Adventures . . .   Some were misadventures, but thankfully not many. 

I have it! MissAdventure. I ponder this as we head south, and the more I think about it, the more I like it; it just seems to cover it all.  I mentally christen the green machine with her new name, and I am pleased with this small change. Driving is conducive to deep thoughts.  LOL.

I see a sign for Arizona Beach and am intrigued.  It’s a small site with black sand.  I park MissAdventure and the boys and I explore. 


DSC_0011     DSC_0004

Our curiosity satisfied, we head out, spotting these quail on the way back to Hwy 101.


Onward toward Gold Beach and Brookings.  The farther south we go the less sunshine there is. We head into fog.

At Samuel Boardman State Park the fog hangs over the ocean like a blanket. I really want to see Arch Rock and we take the loop trail down and back up to the parking lot several times in anticipation of the fog lifting.  We sit on the bench seat of the picnic table and people watch.  An hour passes, then another half hour.

The cottony gray mist lifts for a bit, then settles back down. It doesn’t appear to want to leave, but I do.  I have a mission to get back to Cali and I don’t want to sit here any longer waiting.  We take our last walk down to the section of the park where Arch Rock stands in eternal immobility, its feet planted in the swirling sea. I snap a few photos through the mist.  I have seen many places along 101 that I would like to visit but didn’t this trip, and I know we will come this way again. Perhaps then it will be a fog-free photo opportunity.



Arch Rock in the misty fog

We make it as far as Crescent City where I re-supply at WalMart, and we spend the night. It’s one of the dirtiest places we’ve been, but I am thankful to have a place to park. Sleep is decent and it was fairly quiet. 

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Moses Lake, Washington

There is traffic on I-90, but thankfully it isn’t bad.  I stop at a rest area to give the boys a break, and to do some checking for places to stay near Moses Lake AND to see if there is a dog park.  A quick internet search shows me there IS a dog park, but nothing close by in the way of campgrounds that would be in our price range.  Looks like Walmart again. Hmmmm. This is getting old, but the Chiweenie Brothers deserve their dog park time.

Eastern Washington consists of farm land and lots of it. As far as the eye can see and beyond the gently rolling mounds and hillocks of land there is wheat, food crops, orchards, a winery. And cell towers every few miles; lots and lots of cell towers.

When we reach Moses Lake I go immediately to Wally to make sure overnight parking is allowed (it is). Next is to get ice, then I plug the dog park address into the GPS and we head there.

It is a very nice dog park with two sections; one for large dogs and one for small dogs.  We have it to ourselves and the boys begin tussling and then dashing here and there playing their version of tag.

DSC_0052 (3)

The boys in full romp

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Laughing Dog Park

June 24, 2018.  Finding out there is a dog park in Spokane Valley WA, I also find out there is a Walmart amendable to an overnight (or two) stay in their parking lot in Post Falls ID just a few miles from the park.  

The Patricia Simonet Laughing Dog Park is located at the old rest area off I-90 in Spokane Valley (Liberty Lake).  Easy to find and with the assurance from a clerk at the Walmart that is still there I go ahead and say it. “Do you want to go to the DOG PARK today?”  All hell breaks loose and the boys get in a wrestling match, fierce but fake, and ends with fast tails wags as steady as a metronome. Got some happy dogs here!

DSC_0044 (3)

DSC_0045 (3)

This is a lovely, well-used dog park.  Half of it is shaded with large trees and has a nice walking path. The other half is open with a nice sidewalk along the perimeter.

DSC_0027 (4)
Lorraine with her Sheva
DSC_0039 (3)
Sam, the large Airedale with his owner. Charlie loved this dog. Perhaps he thought it was our Burger, come back to us, just in a larger version.

DSC_0030 (4)

DSC_0043 (3)  These two nice young guys spend about an hour at the park; Cleaning up dog poop!  I stopped them when they were leaving to thank them for doing it.  They seemed surprised, but told me they do it at the other dog park in town, too, but it’s really a mess there.  How cool are these two young people!?!?

DSC_0035 (4)
John and his labradoodle, Gracie
DSC_0024 (4)
Scott and Rosie

Just because there is this really nice dog park, populated with really nice dog lovers, we spend another night at Wally and visit again the next day.  Thanks for stopping by 2DogsTravel!

Homestake BLM and Butte, MT

We spend one night at Homestake, A BLM boondock near Whitehall, MT.  I can SEE cell towers but cannot get decent reception.  I drive on to Butte just a few miles up the road. It’s dog park time!

I ask around, no one seems to be able to tell me how to get to the dog park.  I stop at the information center and the lady behind the counter isn’t sure either as I asked for the park near the Old Sherman  School and this throws her off. She doesn’t know. The other gal behind the counter finishes her transaction with another customer, and she comes over and mentions the Skyline Park.  With that I get a street address and we are off.

JACKPOT! This wonderful place has THREE dog areas. Four if you count the off-leash area, but we aren’t interested in that.  One area for the big dogs, one area for the small dogs, and a combined area.

DSC_0026 (3)  This combined area for both large and small dogs is huge.


DSC_0028 (3)

Our first night at Walmart in Butte is uneventful, although there does seem to be an inordinate amount of street people around; no one bothers us. We have internet and we have a fabulous dog park. We can hang in there, and do Wally for a couple days!

The Skyline Park not only has three fenced areas for dogs, it has a fishing pond and a small play area for kids, paved and unpaved walking/biking paths, and pretty views all around.

Butte was founded on mining, a dangerous occupation that took many lives in one way or another. From the park  you can see the old Poor House, still pretty much as it was back in the day.  Today it is a technology school.

On our final day here I ask the boys if they want to go to the dog park again. They know these words, and start wrestling and play fighting,  so happy they can hardly stand it.  I put the breakfast things away, hop in the driver’s seat and start up ol’ Green. Fries jumps up on the camera back pack that’s sitting next to the driver’s seat. It’s on top of the little plastic drawer unit I have between the driver’s seat and the larger drawer unit that replaced the passenger seat. The camera backpack makes Fries’ little head just about even with mine.  I ask him if he is excited to be going to the dog park again this morning and the little stinker pushes his little wet nose against my cheek; a little peck on the cheek. Oh how I wish I could get photos of some of the things this little dog does. He just melts my heart!

Arriving at Skyline Park the boys, anxious to get inside “their” park, they pull and tug and tussle torn between starting play and pulling me along faster to get inside.

We know our way, mom, don’t worry about us!


Carbella BLM

Leaving the beauty that is Yellowstone National Park, I search for and find a place to have an early dinner.  The boys get their evening meal, too, and a short walkabout. While eating I research places to stay along Hwy 89 N and find Carbella, a Bureau of Land Management camp.  It’s not far and I am grateful to find not only a nice place to park but it’s shaded, too, and the campsites are close to the Yellowstone River.

DSC_0002 (4)DSC_0010 (4)


Room for any size rig, the road down to the camping area is dirt, but not a bad road at all. There are about eight sites with tables and fire rings, and a vault toilet and boat ramp.  There are spots to park for the night without the fire rings and tables.

We have a nice view of  the Absaroka Mountain Range when we take our walks.

DSC_0009 (2)

DSC_0012 (3)

One afternoon we hear sirens and soon a helicopter flies overhead landing out near the highway somewhere.  Someone being airlifted out I suppose.  Reminds me of back home.

DSC_0008 (4)

Charlie B relaxes in camp.  DSC_0006 (4)

After enjoying a few nights here we pull out early in the morning and head toward Livingston. Montana is big and bold with formidable mountains and vast valleys. I enjoy the scenery

while The Chiweenie Brothers keep an eye out for any errant lizards they spot along the way. Of course that doesn’t happen so they nap.


As we gain Livingston I spy the Scrub Tub as we navigate the main thoroughfare. I take that as the sign it’s time to get laundry done.  Three loads washed and dried, and we go in search of the dog park. The Chiweenie Brothers desperately need some off leash run time.

I find the dog park. Although the Yellowstone borders the dog park on two sides  it’s not fenced.  This won’t do because being half badger hound the first moving critter they see and they will be off on the hunt.

DSC_0014 (3)

I ask a patron if there is a fenced park anywhere and she says yes, there is, and gives me some pretty vague directions. Off we go …

I find it only to be shut down again. Yes, it’s fenced. With hog wire that any self-respecting chiweenie could get through.  Even if that were not the case, the fenced area has no gates.  I start the green beast and begin getting her turned around all the while the boys are giving me the “what the hell?” look.  I feel so bad.

We continue on to Bozeman where, yet again, there is a problem regarding the dog park. I can’t find it.  There is construction in the area, and I only have a street not a specific address. I have no luck finding the dog park.  We spend the night at Wally.

On an ice run the next morning I spot a small sign that says “Rose Park” and I pull a U-turn (safely and legally!!!) and head in the direction of this park. It’s a disc golf area with walking trails, and although it’s not fenced either they need some exercise. I leash the Chiweenie Brothers and we take off.

We stay at the Bozeman Wally for three nights, spending our days at Rose Park. It rains off and on, and I am exhausted not really wanting to find another camp just yet. This Walmart is very quiet. They do not allow big rig parking so we get some good rest, and this Rose Park is a good place to walk The Chiweenie Brothers.

DSC_0018 (3)

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Current Read:  Colony by Anne Rivers Siddon


As we travel on along Hwy 150, the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, we miss maybe one opportunity for a campsite. It’s been a long day and I would like to find a camp, but all I see is private property on both sides of the road.  Eventually we leave the Unintah Mountains and that gorgeous drive behind us an the land levels out into ranch country.


The Wildflowers are in bloom down here
Evanston, WY lies ahead

Looks like a Wally night, but that’s okay.  We took one of the most beautiful scenic drives in  America, and a night at Wally is perfectly fine with me.

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Wally AGAIN, GPS Woes, a Gorgeous Waterfall

On Monday, May 14th, we find the post office in Spanish Fork and inquire about a dog park.  No dog park here, but there’s one in Provo and one in Orem the clerk tells me, handing over my forwarded mail.

 Okay, guys, we need to spread out our time here, so you’ll get your dog park time, but not until we leave Spanish Fork —- camping area is WALMART again. Fries lets me know how he feels about this. DSC_0029 (1)

We have a gorgeous view of the towering mountains. DSC_0021

We spend some time at the local sports park in some nice shade while I work on blog posts, and we take a walk around the huge sports complex to complete day one.  Day two we find a laundromat and get a ton of clothes and dog bedding washed.  You guys don’t have to sleep in stinky beds tonight!!!

The plan is two nights here, two nights in Provo, two in Orem, and we’ll see what the weather man is up to then.  Hopefully the storms will be through by that time, and we can head on outta Utah and into Wyoming. 

After two nights at Wally in Spanish Fork we head to Provo’s dog park.  I have the address in the GPS and it takes us ….

TO THE AIRPORT!!!  Dang. Okay, we’ll go right to Walmart in Provo.  We find Wally okay put it’s posted:  NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING.  Well, pooh.  Come on boys, we’re not buying our stuff here. Let’s go to Orem.

The website I find for Orem’s dog park doesn’t give an actual address, but says it’s in Mt Timpangonos Park.  An input into the GPS brings up nothing.  Well dang it.  Sitting behind the wheel thinking–a sometimes dangerous past time–that the thought of getting on I-15 for a second time is very unappealing I decide I don’t want to find Wally in Orem. But we have to get out of here and find some place to go.

I spy a Family Dollar  as we are making our way toward the congestion of Provo, and I swing in there.  I grab a few things and take them to the counter where I ask the clerk about the dog park.  She gives me the deer-in-the-headlights-look and I tell her it’s supposed to be on 1600 E and I ended up at the airport using my GPS.  She looks a little confused and tells me that’s way out by the institution. I don’t know where that is, we’re just passing through I tell her. She gives me a look.  (??? — is she suggesting …..for me???). She doesn’t know of any dog park.  Okay, I’m about ready for that institution.  I thank her and go back to the van.

I don’t dare say the DP words; Fries gets all jazzed up too easily. I just climb in the van and tell the boys we’re headed north.  Charlie gives me the “What’s new?” look and curls up for a nap.

I bite the bullet and decide we best just head to Heber City.  There’s either a Wally there where we can stay or it will be the next town on the list.  I plug Heber City into the GPS and the voice in the device—who by the way screws up the pronunciation of almost everything—tells me where to go.  Stop it! I know what you’re thinking!  I’m going to tell HER where to go if she says tuh-hundred (200) one more time.

We head out, having to do freeway for a bit.  OMG these people are such crazy drivers and they’re going 80, but I make it to Hwy 189 and we head up Provo Canyon.

It’s not too far when I see that name, that Mt. Timpangonos and it looks like a ….. Park.  Could it be? It says nothing about a dog park, but I pull in anyway and look around.  I see nothing until my eyes rest on what looks like poop bags hung on fencing WAAAAAY in the back.

I get out my camera and zoom in.  It’s the dog Park!!! The Chiweenie Brothers perk right up.  Fries puts his front paws on the dash and gazes out the window, tail wagging. Well, you little turkeys are blessed today.  Come on boys, let’s get you leashed.

They aren’t as excited when we get inside the first gate as I thought they would be, but it’s hot. They run around a bit and do their sniff stuff.  Fries and Charlie are the only two here; that could be part of their disinterest, too. There’s a bench in the shade and I sit there and take a few pictures.

It isn’t long before the boys are panting.  It’s really warm in the sun.  We head back to the van.

Remembering a sign that said Bridal Veil Falls I keep an eye out for that. They have a large parking lot that you can park in, right off the highway, and I walk over to grab some photos.  WOW! It’s gorgeous, but a little lean on water, especially down at the bottom.  Snap, snap, snap I start taking pictures: Of the falls, of the mountain, of the mountains behind us. These are the monsters one can see from Spanish Fork, Provo, Orem, and on.

DSC_0012 (1)

We travel on and get to Heber City where, blessedly, there are no signs saying we can’t park for the night.  We. Are. Done. For. The. Day.  I’ll get those supplies tomorrow and decide whether to try another night or move on.

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The Trip to Florence/Coolidge

Novermber 3, 2017 We leave Oak Flat early in the morning heading to Florence and/or Coolidge.  Are you wondering why Florence and Coolidge? There isn’t a whole lot there, but I have mail waiting for me … or so I thought. What I had anticipated to be a stop for mail and then to move on became a weekend stay with no place to camp but Wally’s parking lot.  I had requested my mail forwarded from South Dakota too late in the day and it did not arrive on Friday as anticipated. We made the best of it.

One thing we did get to see were the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in Coolidge,

and this neat old building in Florence, which is an interesting old town.


We spent the days in Florence at two of their nice parks and our nights in Walmart’s parking lot in Coolidge. On Monday I was at the post office door the second they opened, the nice clerk dug through the mail that had just been delivered and we got our package.  And we’re to the next adventure!

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WALMARTS:  A little note on “camping” in Walmart parking lots. Most Walmarts allow an overnight stay in their parking lot. Usually it’s best to park at the very outskirts of the parking lot, not in the middle, unless you are in a passenger vehicle. Keep in mind this is a courtesy place to park for the night. Don’t haul out your chairs, unroll your outside shades, or tie your dogs outside. Pick up after yours dogs when you walk them. Keep your garbage inside your vehicle. In other words, don’t make it obvious that you are doing anything other than parking there.  Go inside the store before you leave next day and buy something. Stock up.   This is actually the reason they allow it (those who do allow it; some DON’T and it’s usually because it’s a city ordinance, but most likely people have been pigs) so be courteous and respectful and keep this nice perk available. Don’t ruin it for everyone by being selfish and disrespectful.