Taking a Break

Hi there!  Thank you for taking time to read 2Dogs.  We truly appreaciate your readership.

The boys and I haven’t been anywhere since the Butte Creek campout, and boy does that seem like it was a long time ago. In an ideal world we would be “out there”, but this is far from an ideal world and our adventures are on hold for now.

With the holidays coming up and everyone busier than busy it just seems like a little break is in order so I am putting the blog on hold until after the first of the year. I had several posts in mind regarding further rennovations done to Miss Freedom, just some little things,  but I am leaving those until 2017 and taking this hiatus.

I do want to leave you something, though, and this recipe using non-refrigerated ingredients fit the bill nicely. Quick, easy, and delish if you are allowed dairy in your diet. This simple recipe makes having sour cream a reality when you have little means of keeping things cold for long–or you can keep it on hand in your pantry at home; sometimes emergencies happen. A container of store-bought sour cream does not keep well in a cooler or even in a 12 volt fridge if you’re anywhere on the warmer side of temps so here’s the solution. Two ingredients are all you need and you can make it on demand.


1 8 oz can Media Crema (found in the Mexican food section in most grocery stores)

1 teaspoon of white vinegar. You could also use a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice in pinch, but it works best with the vinegar.

Shake the can of Media Crema (literally “half cream”), open, and pour into a plastic container with a lid.  Plastic because this is for travel, right? I am sure you can use glass with no ill effects. ;-).  Add the 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and mix it well.

Now there are two ways to proceed. Put the lid on the container and place in your fridge or cooler for half hour and it should thicken up. Stir and enjoy.  If it’s not thick enough, or you know from the get-go that you want it really thick, add another teaspoon of white vinegar, but don’t use more than 2 teaspoons.

Keep in cooler/refrigerator for just a day or two if you have any leftover. 

And there you have it. Sour cream with ingredients you can keep on hand in your RV or in the pantry at home for emergencies. Easy peasy.


The boys and I wish you the very best of the coming holiday season: First, a spooky fun Halloween, a fabulous Thanksgiving, and the merriest Christmas ever.  See you next year.

Hugs, Shawna, Burger, Fries, and Charlie





Fabric softener

Hi there!  So glad you could stop by Two Dogs today. Did you have a nice weekend?  It was absolutely gorgeous here but that’s about to change darn it.  Guess one can’t complain, really, since it truly is still winter. Oh well, there’s lots to do in the house and I have several paper crafting projects in the works, so I will be content to snuggle in and just go with it.  Like I could change it, right?  *grin*.
Today I want to tell you about yet another use for vinegar.  Vinegar as fabric softener.  You can’t get anything cheaper than vinegar, and it really does work. Adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle of your washing machine saves you from buying a separate laundry softener. The vinegar works naturally to soften your laundry and it also breaks down your laundry detergent for a cleaner rinse.  This means less detergent is left on your clothes for those with sensitive skin. And don’t worry about that vinegar smell sticking around; the odor disappears as your clothes dry. So do you use white or apple cider vinegar?  I don’t find any difference and actually use whatever I have on hand.  And I always have vinegar on hand! Have a wonderful week my friends.