Taking a Break

Hi there!  Thank you for taking time to read 2Dogs.  We truly appreaciate your readership.

The boys and I haven’t been anywhere since the Butte Creek campout, and boy does that seem like it was a long time ago. In an ideal world we would be “out there”, but this is far from an ideal world and our adventures are on hold for now.

With the holidays coming up and everyone busier than busy it just seems like a little break is in order so I am putting the blog on hold until after the first of the year. I had several posts in mind regarding further rennovations done to Miss Freedom, just some little things,  but I am leaving those until 2017 and taking this hiatus.

I do want to leave you something, though, and this recipe using non-refrigerated ingredients fit the bill nicely. Quick, easy, and delish if you are allowed dairy in your diet. This simple recipe makes having sour cream a reality when you have little means of keeping things cold for long–or you can keep it on hand in your pantry at home; sometimes emergencies happen. A container of store-bought sour cream does not keep well in a cooler or even in a 12 volt fridge if you’re anywhere on the warmer side of temps so here’s the solution. Two ingredients are all you need and you can make it on demand.


1 8 oz can Media Crema (found in the Mexican food section in most grocery stores)

1 teaspoon of white vinegar. You could also use a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice in pinch, but it works best with the vinegar.

Shake the can of Media Crema (literally “half cream”), open, and pour into a plastic container with a lid.  Plastic because this is for travel, right? I am sure you can use glass with no ill effects. ;-).  Add the 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and mix it well.

Now there are two ways to proceed. Put the lid on the container and place in your fridge or cooler for half hour and it should thicken up. Stir and enjoy.  If it’s not thick enough, or you know from the get-go that you want it really thick, add another teaspoon of white vinegar, but don’t use more than 2 teaspoons.

Keep in cooler/refrigerator for just a day or two if you have any leftover. 

And there you have it. Sour cream with ingredients you can keep on hand in your RV or in the pantry at home for emergencies. Easy peasy.


The boys and I wish you the very best of the coming holiday season: First, a spooky fun Halloween, a fabulous Thanksgiving, and the merriest Christmas ever.  See you next year.

Hugs, Shawna, Burger, Fries, and Charlie





Some Interior Decorating

Hello!  Happy Summer!

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of decorating that can be done in a small space like a van without taking up room that may be needed for necessities.  Or it will make the small space too cluttered.  Or something you just don’t want to bother with.  For me, I wanted to do a  few things but still have the items useful as well as decorative.  At least that’s the way I see it at this point.  As you know, I am not living in the van so that tune could change in a hurry, but it’s the way it is at this point.

Pinterest is such a marvelous resource for anything and everything you think you may want to try, and I got this idea from there.  Throw pillows with NO SEW covers that can be changed out with the seasons.  Or changed because you wanted a different color scheme (like that is going to happen frequently in the van!  Ha!), but the point is, the covers are easily changed, don’t take up a lot of room, and can give an instant lift for a different season or a different mood whether you’re an RVer or dwell in a sticks and bricks.   What more could one ask from a throw pillow? 🙂

This is super easy to do.  You will need fabric measuring twice the size of your pillow plus the height of your pillow. Wash and iron the fabric if you desire (trim frayed ends)

*Lay the pillow on your fabric, right side of fabric down, facing away from you
*Fold the fabric so the top and bottom of it meets halfway on the center of the pillow
*Fold the ends like wrapping a present (into points)
*KNOT the ends loosely and adjust the folds to your liking then pull the knot tight.  DONE!

Tuck in the ends if you want, or leave the tails out.  Either way is way too cute!  Easy peasy and you can change out that pillow cover any ol’ time you want.

Thanks for stopping by Two Dogs.  Hugs, Shawna

A Cup of Joe Please

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by Two Dogs.

It was crazy last week with a two-day trip to the valley for a family birthday, a trip to the vet with Charlie Barkley to get his jaw plate and screws taken out, grocery shopping, and on and on.  I actually had a different post set up for today, but changed directions.

Let me ask you a question. Do you like coffee?  Come on over to my place for the best cup you have ever tasted. . . 

I was searching for a French press the other day to replace my plastic Melita drip cone.  The coffee from the Melita was OK, but nothing compared to a drip coffee maker. But a coffee maker like I use at home just doesn’t seem practical to haul around in Freedom, and since I have no electric in the van at this point, I went on the hunt for something better; and found something amazing.  At least I was hoping it was amazing, because it  sounded amazing.  It’s amazing.  Really.  Amazing.

Let me introduce you to the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker.
This is a stock photo, not my own. 

I ordered it from Amazon and it arrived within a couple of days and I immediately tried it out.  BEST CUP OF COFFEE I HAVE EVER TASTED.  Kid you not.  No bitterness whatsoever.  Rich, smooth, delicious.  Then I made a latte — same thing.  BEST LATTE EVERI will leave it to you to Google and read about the Aeropress’s fabulous attributes and just why the coffee comes out so good — if you’re interested in the best cup of joe ever — but I have to tell you, I am hooked on it.  And the best part?  I can take it along in Freedom and never be without my morning cup; or two or three.  Yes, it’s that good. 

So, in the bigger scheme of things, I am putting my electric drip coffee maker in this year’s garage sale and the cheapo espresso maker that I have to baby along to make a latte (it’s ancient and the knob to turn in on has seized up, but I can get it to work by plugging and unplugging as needed) in the trash.  

I am going to have another cup of THE BEST COFFEE EVER out on the back deck and enjoy this fabulous weather. Have a fabulous week friends.  

Hugs, Shawna

Merry Christmas and Clorox Wipes

Flu season is in full swing.  I got my flu shot last fall, but they are saying it wasn’t the correct strain.  OK. Some protection is better than none, but I am hoping this year will be as mild as last year, but in any case, I like to be prepared.  And I like to know my bathroom is clean.  The easier THAT chore is the better.  The more cost effective and chemical free the better.

Here’s a great cleaning hack from One Good Thing that I have found to be exceptionally cost effective and works great.  Homemade Cleaning Wipes.

1 C water
1/4 C rubbing alcohol
2 T Dawn Dish Detergent
2 T ammonia (optional according to the original recipe)
Old T-shirts cut up into wipe-size pieces.  Even a little larger won’t hurt.
Stack your T-shirt pieces into a glass or plastic container with a tight fitting lid.  I used an empty plastic coffee “can”.  Mix all the ingredients together and pour over the T-shirt pieces.

Every once in awhile, if I remember, I turn the can upside down just in case the wipes need to be remoistened.  I stuffed so many in the can that I don’t think there is any of the mixture settling in the bottom, but yours might not be so full.  I have had this large coffee container with these wipes in them for months and what’s left are still moist.

Use like Clorox wipes all around the house. If you leave out the ammonia you can even use these to wash your armpits and your feet.  I wouldn’t use them on any sensitive areas, but maybe you’re tougher than I am! 😉  I LOVE these. Easy on your pocket book and easy on the environment.

IMHO it doesn’t hurt to have another container on hand to put the used wipe in until you have enough for a washing.  It probably doesn’t matter if you throw the used wipes into the laundry basket, but I just don’t like that idea so I keep a separate container for the soiled ones. This is at home.  In the van the process is different; I wouldn’t hesitate to put these in with other dirty laundry.
Hugs from the Two Dogs blog!  Shawna
Save where you can, so you can spend where you want.