The Desert Turns Green

Quartzsite, Arizona, our winter refuge, is cool with lots of moisture; it is turning green.  Lush, spring grasses and plants put on a show that is beautiful in its simplicity.  One would not even notice if you hadn’t spent several winters here, or at least experienced a few of the winter months at some point.  Usually the greening of the desert is so brief it’s hard to imagine it even happens.  This year it happens.

DSC_0132Green Desert Clouds, and Buttermilk Clouds
A Buttermilk Sky

DSC_0139The Desert is Turning Green, Plant with Rock

The spring flowers put on a colorful show and all of it with the “purple mountain majesty and the brilliant blue sky depending on the hour, is breathtaking.

The middle of February brings unusual cold, even frosty temps, lots of cold wind and some rain.  Many hours spent inside reading, planning, writing.

The boys need a little walk a couple of times a day and I bundle up and take them out.  It’s cold enough that my little Fries doesn’t mind at all when we head back to the van.

DSC_0005torms a Brewing

They play, nap in the sun if it has made an appearance, and just generally go with flow.  On Occasion there’s a row, but for the most part they get along splendidly.

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Trinidad Beach

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My oldest grandchild, Emma, turns 18 next month, and I wanted to spend a little quiet time with her before her adult life begins. She graduated high school this past June, and is working at a local plant that processes and bags diatomaceous earth. She thought she wanted to join the army, but that’s not going to happen (THANK YOU GOD!!!), and then the tentative plans to move to Chico, rent an apartment with a couple of friends, work until spring and then begin college also went by the wayside. That plan literally had a whole week of excitement before it was nixed.  Don’t you love the way kids can change course so quickly and easily? It leaves my head spinning, let me tell ya. She has been offered a full time position at the processing plant once the summer job is over so she’s considering accepting that.  At least that’s the plan THIS week.

I wanted to spend time with her, but I wanted it to be something she would enjoy and remember so I asked her if she would like to go to the coast. She did.

We left early on Saturday morning and bobbed and weaved our way not only up and down and around lovely 299W, but also through no less than 5 different construction zones.  Boy howdy, I had forgotten just how curvy and narrow that road can be. The wait at the various construction sites gave me plenty of time to reminisce.

We made it to Eureka in record slow time and immediately began looking for a spot to camp. We found nothing. A favorite spot that the kayaking club used to stay at, a local county park called Big Lagoon and always had openings , was so full you could barely maneuver through the area.  No luck at Patrick’s Point, The Little Red School House, nor near Orick.  Long story short, we spent two nights, to the utter horror of my dear Emma, sleeping at the rest area outside of Trinidad. No big deal to me, we’re asleep, who cares, but it did make things a tad bit crowded since we couldn’t put up the tent and give Emma her privacy.  She dealt with it pretty darn well, though.

Our days were spent at the various beaches in and around Trinidad: Clam Beach being one, and another one that has easy access and runs for a long ways that doesn’t really have a name, and then, of course, Trinidad Beach.  And lunch at the Seascape restaurant.   Twice.

The mornings were wet with dew and blanketed with soft grey, but the sunshine broke through around 2 o’clock every afternoon. The dogs loved the warm sand as did we, and we spent hours napping on the beach, listening to the waves crash, and talking the dogs for long, slow strolls along the shoreline.

Emma said she enjoyed our time together. I hope she did.  I know I did.  I was not ready to come home, but on the other hand there are trips to plan, changes to be made in the van, and things to rearrange.  Life is good even when it throws you a curve ball.

Trinidad Beach

METEOR SHOWERS  The Delta Aquarids will decorate the early morning sky before dawn on this last weekend in July, then next month the Perseids are expected to give a spectacular show on August 11-12.