Have you ever

noticed how sometimes you are just going along, living your life, minding your own business and WHAM!!! You get slapped down for no known reason?  These past 10 days or so have been like that around here.  Sick furry kids, a leak in the roof, the list goes on.
My little Toonie Mae was confirmed diabetic and I have learned to give her insulin injections. Not something I ever thought I would be able to do — stick a needle in flesh, but when faced with something we have to do because of the path we chose, we get a pair and do what must be done. A dear friend went with me to Tooner’s vet appointment because I fully intended to have her put down if my suspicions of diabetes were confirmed.  Well, when it came right down to it I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t.  With Charlie sick and winter coming on and my foot hurting, and my hair dryer blowing up—- any excuse is a good excuse—— I just couldn’t face losing them both at this time so I hitched up my britches and learned to give my sweet baby dog her insulin.  The needle is tiny, she really didn’t feel a thing,  and it was the scariest thing I have had to do in a long, long time.  But as my friend said —— this is what you chose to do so you have to learn to do this.  Yep, she was spot on.  And she has been such a comfort and encourager to me.

As for Charlie, my sweet boy is at the end of his life.  His stay at the vet’s didn’t produce the hoped-for results and with a heavy, broken heart I have decided to let him go.  He refuses to eat anything but chicken and even that is not consumed with much enthusiasm.  Whatever is going on with his spine is not, and will not, get better and the kidney dysfunction cannot improve with his refusal to eat his prescribed food.  The stubborn little sweetheart actually spit the stuff out when I tried to sneak it into his portion of chicken!  At this point he sleeps 98 percent of the time and I am gathering my courage to take him back to the vet for his final ride sometime this week. And now I am faced with the hardest thing I have had to do since putting Sherman down.  Keep a prayer in your heart for us, would you?