Butte Creek

The heat wave has broken and the boys and I want to get one more little getaway in before other obligations keep us close to home.  Where to go? It can’t be too far, but I want someplace new, too. A quick search of  camping areas not too far away results in our choice of Butte Creek.  Not the Butte Campground in the Lassen National Park, but a no frills, dispersed camping spot. We find one, about 40 miles away on forest service road 35 N15, off Hwy 44.  Close to the edge of the national park, but not IN the park.

I spend Friday morning transcribing and becaue I loaded most everything up in the van Thursday night we are on the road at noon. The pups, as always, are so excited! We’re going some place — new P-Mail to check out!

The Butte Creek dispersed camping spot is just a semi-cleared area off the dirt road about two miles in on 35N15. No water, no toilets, no table, no fire ring. It’s just a spot to park, but hey, we’ve got all we need so this will do nicely. 

Our routine begins. Get the dogs settled in shady spots, set up the solar – The stand I made for holding the solar panel at an angle so it gets the most sun works perfectly, and because it is made out of  PVC  pipe it’s lightweight and sized so it fits right into the frame of the solar panel–  


Set up the folding table, pull out the anit-gravity lounger, get water and a leftover meal of Thai Peanut Sesame Noodles in the solar oven to heat. Those chores taken care of I take the boys for a walk down the narrow dirt road to check out the area. We find Butte Creek dry as a bone.  The ditch cut for irrigating someone’s pasture or whatever will not be seeing water again for a while.  As we walk farther down the road I spot a large  field tinged with the brown tones of the coming autumn and an old homestead through the trees. That’s where the irrigation ditch goes.  DSC_0005


We walk on and I see dust being kicked up. I get the boys and myself off the road, but no one ever passes by. Obviously there is an intersecting  road up ahead;  we turn around and head back to camp. I plan to kick back and begin my goal of finishing the novel I am currently reading.

Friday night isn’t as restful as I would have hoped. Burger couldn’t get comfortable in his front seat bed and every time he pawed and pulled trying to rearrange his quilt The Chiweenie Brothers thought they needed to go see what was wrong.  Consequently a longer than usual nap was in order for Saturday morning.

The nap accomplished we take a long  walk enjoying the soft breeze soughing through the pines, a trip to the dry Butte Creek to get a container of sand for a project at home, and then a lot of reading. 

In late afternoon I decide to break camp and prepare to leave for the Hat Creek Rim Vista Point  sometime in the evening.  That chore taken care of I feed the dogs, and eat my own dinner; baked potatoes from the solar cooker and a large salad.  We take a nice long walk and dilly dally around for a couple of hours. DSC_0007

I want to see the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter that will occur around sunset and we head out about 7:00 P.M. for the vista point which is about 20 miles back the way we came; halfway to home.

I’ve forgotten my telescope!  Dang.  Guess that’s a reminder to get a trip list check-off made up. Until we are out there on a full-time basis there’s still that chore of toting stuff back and forth from house to van and from van to house. I hate it. 

The telescope is a new addition to my travel items. A dear friend who knew I was looking for one found a nice 60 X  at a garage sale she was helping with and set it aside for me.  FIVE DOLLARS!  I was so excited to have a specific event in which to use it and left it home. Ah well. I was still able to see the  conjunction, though. It wasn’t visible for long, but cool to see nonetheless.

We sleep better this night and are up early in order to get a few shots of Mt. Lassen just as the sun begins to peek over the eastern horizon. DSC_0025DSC_0024


Not much to do in a vista point once you’ve take in the scenery so we head for home.

Thanks for stopping by 2Dogs.  Until next time …

Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. –Karen Keiser Clark 




I have solar in Miss Freedom now thanks to a generous couple who are pet sitting clients of mine who offered to install the components I have been purchasing over the course of many months.  Not sure if they would want to be named here, so I’ll keep it to first names.  You know who you are!

Not only did Chuck install the panel and charge controller, but supplied a small inverter and a used-but-still-good gel battery from his solar stash.  How awesome is that?

As he prepared to get started,  he noticed that my right hand back door wouldn’t stay open and that the seat belts for the bench seat were still in place. He insisted on fixing that situation. He took out the tail light to get to the bolts that needed tightening on the right side back door and removed the seat belts. Thank you so much for that!  I don’t have the tools nor the strength required for that job, and I am ever so grateful for his offer to do that for me. That back door stays open now when it’s supposed to, and I don’t continually get whacked in the side while doing whatever it is that needs doing in the back. 

Once the door and seat belts were take care of, he made short work of getting the solar hooked up. The man is an expert. 

How many people get such a generous offer from an expert in solar installation?  Not kidding about this, he is an expert. Their home is run on solar that he installed and that wasn’t his first rodeo. Chuck and his wife  were the first people in their neighborhood to install solar in their former home, and it was such a new thing that Chuck even had to explain to the county inspector how to inspect it! 

I’ll be able to run a fan, charge my Kindle, and most important of all I will be able to charge my laptop which will allow me to work , which means I am not tied down if I want to take off and other obligations do not keep me at home.  Incredible!

Many, many thanks for doing this!  I owe you big time!

Grateful thankful blessed We’re planning a little getaway to try it out!  Hugs,                                                                                Shawna