For a Tiny Kitchen

More little things for Freedom.  It is so satisfying to get even the smallest thing done for our future “we-are-on-the-road-and-living-the-life” day. 

The small colander, enough to drain a can of vegetables or fruit or enough pasta for one person, [No boys (AKA The Chiweenie Brothers) you do not get any pasta]  caught my eye because it is “my” color and I just had to have it.  The grater–in paddle form– was a no brainer.  I prefer a box grater, but it would take up too much room, so this was a good purchase I think.  The tiny spatula was already in my sticks and brick’s kitchen as was the paring knife. 

I also bought these “blind spot” mirrors and this little pouch to store flash drives and extra  SD cards. 

These items are all over the place in relation to each other, but what I buy is dictated by how much in household goods I have sold, so it depends on what my ‘budget” for the week can handle.  I am putting the biggest chunk of dollars earned by selling items from the S/B (sticks and bricks house) into my solar fund, you know, so we can be off-grid and have a way to run all the electronics, etc. 🙂

That is what has been happening this week for the great escape plan.  Thanks for stopping by Two Dogs.  Have a good one.  Hugs, Shawna


Hi all!  Thanks for stopping by the ol’ Two Dogs blogeroonie.  If you’re in beautiful northern California did you enjoy our little taste of fall yesterday (and this morning —- 36!!!)?  I’m so not ready to give up summer, but it was nice to think about the the onset of autumn and turning leaves, cozy blankets, hot soup.  That’s as far as I am willing to go right now — just thinking about those things. 🙂 although I did grab a blankie while vegging on the couch last night watching CSI……………….and nodded off and missed the last half.  Dang!
On to today’s post.  I fully intended to show you this a couple of months ago, or maybe it was three?  Time got away from me.  ‘Where’s the time gone’ is almost a mantra that everyone is repeating now.  A little over two months and it will be Christmas!!  Again!!!  Oh my.  But I digress.  I actually saved this because of the color; it’s fallish looking.  You believe that, right?

This little strainer drains a can of veggies or fruit, holds enough fresh picked berries or such  for two people, can be used to dip and drain any ol’ thing at all  right out of the pot.  I use it a lot.  Highly recommended. It’s from Avon. 
I hope you have a wonderful week.  Hugs, Shawna