A Day Can Make a Difference

Yes, a day can make a difference. A day can change your life. Remember that when you’re having a bad day, week, month.  Things can and do change. Prayers are answered, sometimes in a way you never expected, but answered nonetheless. I am still amazed out how this all fell into place.

If you read Update on the Cube Coolermy blog on a regular basis you know that I have a “Van Plan”. I would sell my home, pack up The Chiweenie Brothers (I didn’t think we would still have the Burger Meister by the time that happened) and hit the road in our conversion van Miss Freedom , cruising around these United States. Guess I didn’t get enough of it when I was driving truck, but this time around I can do it on my terms.

fa703-yard441 Can you imagine having this goofball in the van?

The current plan was to finish the sun room repairs, list the house, stand my ground on price, and if it didn’t sell spend another winter here in the mountains of far northern California, and try again in spring.  I never completely ruled out renting, but there are just so many negatives to that scenario that it might as well have been.

Enter our local Facebook swap and trade which I peruse most every day. Listed on this particular day was an ad for a furnished 1-2 bedroom home for three months.  On a whim I inquired as to who, what, and when.  I was told it was needed by a traveling doctor that had signed up for a three month stint at our local clinic.  They were in hopes he will love it here in our beautiful Intermountain Area and stay for at least a year, but it would be three months for sure.  We chatted back and forth, I explained the sun room project, she explained how the yard care would be handled, and how utilities would be paid.  I sent pictures.

Never one to count my chickens, I was excited, but not convinced it would work out. I did, however, begin moving some of the items that needed to be put in the garage anyway, and worked harder toward getting the sun room back in order while waiting for the gal to get the okay from the CEO.

This would be the perfect answer to my dilemma, and the perfect way to really get my feet wet without the possibility of drowning if the van life isn’t for me.  The wait was intense. A day went by with no communication.

The next morning I booted up my computer and immediately went to Facebook and checked Messages.  Two. Two lurking in my inbox.  Holding my breath, I opened up the app and there it was, the message I was waiting for, staring me in the face. I don’t want to open it. I have to open it. Whatever is waiting beyond that one click of my mouse could change my life.

YES!  It’s yes, it’s a go, and we have a date to be out by. The boys give me the strangest look when I high five myself and give out a hoot followed by a holler.  They aren’t sure what’s up with all this noise, but they rally around and get into the excitement. Or maybe it was that they were waiting for breakfast, and they figured I was as excited as they were to be fed. I can’t be sure, but I’m okay with it either way!

Fortunately for me, the deal is for a furnished house so that eliminates a lot of hassle right there. All I really have to do is get my personal stuff out into the garage–a wonderful perk, renting my house and still being allowed the garage to store stuff—tidy up, make things sparkle, and buy a few things for the house. Yep, I have done such a good job at downsizing that I now have to buy some things I have gotten rid of!  Isn’t that a kick?  It’s okay. It’s no biggie.  Still, how ironic.

Soon, you will be getting the travelogue that hopefully you have been waiting for all this time while we developed “The Van Plan”. Yes indeed, what a difference a day can make.

Hugs to you all, Shawna

“Status quos are made to be broken.” ― Ray A. Davis


Another Monday….

and I am still treading water.  The trial I served on took up the better part of three weeks, but we finally wrapped it up on Thursday.  I worked at the Mort on Friday, worked on my end-of-the-year bookkeeping for the salon on Saturday, worked in a couple clients before church on Sunday and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the Sun Room Studio getting it cleaned up and organized —- a job that has been looming over my head for months.  However, I made great progress today and am pretty happy with myself. I will spend this morning out there, too, enjoying the beginning of a new day and will hopefully get the rest of it done.  So guess what that means?  Another week has gone by and I have nothing to share with you — no tips, no recipes, no nothin’. Or do I?
Maybe a little bit of insight……  Do you have a box or drawer or closet that you have been meaning to clean out and organize?  Work yourself up to get around to doing that………it will make you feel WONDERFUL to accomplish it no matter how big or small your project is.  I know getting the four boxes in my craft room gone through and the stuff filed, put away, or thrown away has been very good for me.  I can feel my creative mojo coming back.
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a fabulous week.  I know I will…. more sunshine is predicted!