Previous changes in our Vome are working well, and I will most likely leave everything as is for a few weeks–Baahahahahah! So what to do, what to do; I decided to tackle putting the Elastomeric coating on the top of  Miss Freedom’s roof for a little more comfort factor when the sun beats down on her. You know how hot vehicles can get, and a 15-20 degree difference in temperature is significant.
There is a perfectly designated area on the top of the fiberglass high top marked by a small “step” down toward the front of the van before the roof begins the very pronounced slope toward the windshield. I masked off the area  leaving a two inch border around the perimeter of the roof so the white Elastomeric cannot be seen unless you are really, really tall or hovering in a helicopter.  I was dreading the “skunk” look and doing the top in this fashion and not taking it all the way down the slope of the roof solved the problem.

Out comes the step ladder, roller, paint pan, open can of “goo” and I am ready to roll 🙂  Elastomeric is thick, like whipped cream, and there really is no danger of it dripping off the paint roller, but I still took a deep breath before I brought the roller up to the top of  Freedom’s roof and began the process.  I was more than tickled when I got that first coat on without any problems.  I let the first coat dry then rolled on another coat in the opposite direction as per instructions.  Thrilled to have this done!

One other tiny detail, but major factor in safety for Burger and The Chiweenie Brothers, was fixing the door lock and window button on the passenger side so when the boys want to stick their heads out the window they do not inadvertently step on one of those buttons and cause things to happen that shouldn’t happen. Some plastic rigid packing foam, double-sided carpet tape, and a piece of rubber mat cut to size did the trick.  No more worries about the window going up or down at a most inopportune time.  Enjoy the wind in your adorable furry faces boys!

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Hugs, Shawna