Merry Christmas and Clorox Wipes

Flu season is in full swing.  I got my flu shot last fall, but they are saying it wasn’t the correct strain.  OK. Some protection is better than none, but I am hoping this year will be as mild as last year, but in any case, I like to be prepared.  And I like to know my bathroom is clean.  The easier THAT chore is the better.  The more cost effective and chemical free the better.

Here’s a great cleaning hack from One Good Thing that I have found to be exceptionally cost effective and works great.  Homemade Cleaning Wipes.

1 C water
1/4 C rubbing alcohol
2 T Dawn Dish Detergent
2 T ammonia (optional according to the original recipe)
Old T-shirts cut up into wipe-size pieces.  Even a little larger won’t hurt.
Stack your T-shirt pieces into a glass or plastic container with a tight fitting lid.  I used an empty plastic coffee “can”.  Mix all the ingredients together and pour over the T-shirt pieces.

Every once in awhile, if I remember, I turn the can upside down just in case the wipes need to be remoistened.  I stuffed so many in the can that I don’t think there is any of the mixture settling in the bottom, but yours might not be so full.  I have had this large coffee container with these wipes in them for months and what’s left are still moist.

Use like Clorox wipes all around the house. If you leave out the ammonia you can even use these to wash your armpits and your feet.  I wouldn’t use them on any sensitive areas, but maybe you’re tougher than I am! 😉  I LOVE these. Easy on your pocket book and easy on the environment.

IMHO it doesn’t hurt to have another container on hand to put the used wipe in until you have enough for a washing.  It probably doesn’t matter if you throw the used wipes into the laundry basket, but I just don’t like that idea so I keep a separate container for the soiled ones. This is at home.  In the van the process is different; I wouldn’t hesitate to put these in with other dirty laundry.
Hugs from the Two Dogs blog!  Shawna
Save where you can, so you can spend where you want.


Good morning!  Today I wanted to share with you one of my very favorite pieces of cleaning equipment, the steamer.  Mine happens to be a used Shark Supersteamer I bought off ebay a couple of months ago.  This thing is the best cleaning investment ever in my opinion.  It is fabulous for cleaning windows — just fill with water and let it heat up and start cleaning. Just depress the trigger and lay on some steam with a sweeping motion.  Next, use a microfiber cloth in a circular motion and wipe down the steamed area, working your way from top to bottom and ending up with squeaky clean windows. NO CLEANING PRODUCT NEEDED!  How easy and environmentally proper is that?  This little beauty is also good for stains on carpet (but watch for colorfastness), cleaning grime and gunk from around kitchen and bathroom faucets, the outside of your appliances, you name it.  I have antique metal kitchen cabinets and they get steamed pretty regularly as does my counter tops.  As long as the object you want to clean can take water, it probably can take steam.  Not promising anything here, so use some common sense.  I am still in the throes of love-at-first-use and have many other things I want to try cleaning with this little wonder, including the rims on my bike and car.  I will keep you posted.

environmentally friendly cleaners

My allergies seem to never go away and I am becoming sensitive to a lot more things, chemical smells being added to the list. Most cleaners give me a headache at best or plug up my nose, or makes my chest feel tight along with a headache. So much of this stuff is bad for the environment, too, so an all-around-better-for-both-problems solution was to make my own. Cruising the internet for home-made cleaners brought forth a bevy of sites dedicated to this subject. I haven’t tried most of them yet, but will at some point.

One that I have used for a long, long time is the dynamic duo of vinegar and baking soda. Neither are hard on the environment and both are allergy friendly. The baking soda is fantastic for scouring away stubborn crusty stuff, bathtub ring, and for use as that all-time favorite, freshening the refrigerator. I also use it to brush my teeth and with a little water added, as an under arm deodorant. I kid you not. The stuff works great for that!! If you try this, keep in mind it is not an antiperspirant; it won’t eliminate sweating, just the odor.

Paired with vinegar, baking soda makes a pretty darn good drain cleaner. Run some hot water down the drain, add some baking soda followed by vinegar and watch the fascinating chemical reaction. Don’t be alarmed at the foaming that boils forth from the drain. It is supposed to do that. When the volcano subsides, follow with some hot water.

Vinegar on it’s own is good for ridding your counter of ants and although you must wipe the counter down several times to keep them from returning, it beats using poisons and such that are bad for the environment, bad for you to breathe, and you won’t have to worry about your kids or animals getting into it. I keep a spray bottle of the stuff at the ready. Another useful treatment for keeping ants away is coffee grounds.  They don’t like the smell I guess.  If I find an area around the foundation of my house where ants are lurking, busy coming and going like they do,  I begin emptying my used coffee grounds around that area and they disappear before getting into the house.  You can actually see them getting upset and heading away. And if this happens to be in a flower bed, not to worry, coffee grounds won’t hurt unless the plants are very sensitive to acidic soil. The grounds will just decompose and add some nutrients to your soil.  Vinegar can be used as a fabric softener, too.

If you have other uses for baking soda or vinegar I would love to hear about them.  Have a fabulous week, and as always, thanks for stopping by.