Darby Well Road

November 7, 2017. The plan was to take in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, but it’s been a long day and we drive on to Darby Well Road where we know there is BLM boondocking.  We will take in the cactus park when we leave Darby Well.  

It’s not too far off Highway 86, before you get to Gila Bend, and it’s a good stop.  We take one of the side roads off the main dirt road and find a really good place to camp right by the well.  On a concrete pad no less! We will stay for as long as the ice holds out. 

Are we home?

The Chiweenie Brothers know that home is where we park for the night, or a couple of days, or a week.

This web is found just behind the concrete pad at the back of the van.  EWWW! I thought about sacrificing a fly to see what comes out, but on second thought I really don’t want to know.

We stay two nights at Darby Wells and then backtrack to Organ Pipe Cactus N. M.

Thanks for stopping by 2Dogs!  We’re off again!  Hugs, Shawna

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Darby Well Road is a BOONDOCK site; no amenities of any kind. I would say the area will take any size rig, but it would be a good idea to walk the side roads before you drive down into them. Torrential rain storms can and do change the landscape from month to month, year to year and what may be a great site this time may not be next time. Also not every road is big enough to accommodate the larger motorhomes and trailers. Also be aware of sandy spots that may get you stuck.  Always walk the roads.  

Highway 86

There’s road construction as we head out of the Saguaro National  Park and head toward Hwy 86.  The scenery isn’t as I pictured it, bleak and a lot of nothing but greasewood bushes. It’s a beautiful drive, a beautiful day, and a beautiful life.

DSC_0058We pass the Kitt Peak Observatory.

Lots of saguaro cactus and interesting mountain peaks along the way. You can click on the photos if you want to enlarge them.

There are many pull outs and several places you could pull into for a one night stay, boondock style.

DSC_0061I thought this was so interesting, and I took a photo of the mountain behind the sign but it didn’t look anything like a basket. It’s the photo just above this one.

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