Hello Again

July 2, 2022.  Greetings from hot and humid Q! I imagine you have figured out that there will be no summer travel this year. Here we DON’T go again. Like many, gas prices are keeping our wheels from turning, and honestly it’s a bit depressing, but it is what it is so we’re making the best of it.  Lots of hours spent by the cooler working on office-type stuff for me, lots of naps for The Chiweenie Brothers. They are already the most bored doggies in town.

The routine has become to be up very early before Mr. Sunshine even appears and get chores done. Once that sun is up and the day gets hotter (mid-80s and above are the night time lows) it’s impossible to do anything physical without becoming drenched in sweat. Icky!!

After the chores I have a cup or two of coffee then get by the cooler for the rest of the day. I’m not working on just one thing; going back and forth with a couple hours here, a couple hours there, then on to something else has worked out best.  I tend to keep my head down and elbows up until something is finished, but these projects are too large and I think I will actually enjoy the process if I don’t work on each individual job straight through from start to finish.  That’s the reasoning anyway.

One thing that has been sorely needed is time spent going through my files on the laptop and doing some housecleaning and organizing.  I’ve ignored that mess for far too long.

Another project in progress is removing the blog posts from 2DogsTravel. Nope, not giving up the blog—we’ll eventually get back out there I hope–but it was getting too large and was going to cost me several hundred dollars to buy additional space.  I still refuse to monitize it, so I figured by removing old posts I could basically just start all over with the amount of space and continue on. 

The search feature on the blog doesn’t appear to have been used much, and with the ease of pulling up information on the internet kind of makes my search feature redundant. Of course, if you do have questions that are on a more personal experience basis, just give us a shout. I’d be happy to give you my opinions, experience, views on any place The Chiweenie Brothers and I have visited.

Our individual blog posts will be printed out, the coordinating photos found and prints made, and I will eventually have a nice printed record of our travels.   I do have to say, the ones that have been completed have been so much fun to do. I am currently working on 2019, our New Mexico State Park circuit and it’s been like living it all over again. It has sure shown me how numerous the grammatical mistakes were when trying to get those posts on the blog when tired or whatever —- Editing one’s own work is not a good thing!

The other big project, or I should say a continuing project, is my family genealogy.  I bought a six month subscription to Ancestry when they had a sale, and hit the jackpot after the first couple of days.  One little piece of info got me past a brick wall, and I ended up being able to take my paternal grandmother’s line back six more generations.  I’m going through printer ink like’s it a margarita printing out all those citations! LOL.

Back to the old blog posts.  As I pull each post off the blog and place it in a word document I read it, of course, and fix all the errors.  Then I go into my photo program and find the corresponding pictures to go with that particular blog post.  The blog post is then printed, the photos needed to go with it are placed in a folder so I can order prints all at once when I get a half or the full year finished.  The blog post and copies of the photos are then removed from my laptop and stored on a thumb drive.  The only reason I am telling you all this boring stuff is that during this process I found the lost photos of the Aztec Ruins, Dawson Cemetery, Mesa Verde National Park, and our stay at El Vado and Navajo Lakes.  They were tucked in a folder with the name El Vado and Black Eared Jack Rabbit.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to find those photos. All this time I thought I had accidentally put them in the “trash” and they were gone forever.  Soooooo…….

I am thinking this summer I am going to do re-posts of those trips that will include the photos and leave them on the blog until we get back to traveling then we’ll start anew.

Hope you have a fun, safe and sane Fourth of July.  Let freedom ring!!  Woof, woof from The Chiweenie Brothers and hugs from me.

Author: 2DogsTravel

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am a full-time traveler, retired from a lifetime of different occupations, traveling the country with my two little dogs, Fries and Charlie B; The Chiweenie Brothers. You never know where you might find us, but if you do stop by and say hi . . . If you can get past the two best watch dogs in the universe! Happy Trails!

9 thoughts on “Hello Again”

  1. WOW! what a busy beaver you are. It is getting plenty warm here but I don’t have your monsoon moisture. Not sure if you have seen the little terrors at my house. They are 2litter mates but are now spayed and it didn’t even slow them down. I had to put both Ginger and Abby down last year..Health issues. So this house was pretty quiet for a while! No dogs yet, still wanting one but until these twerps get older, they are enough to handle! That plus learning to use my new phone, the old one died. Just had my 80th birthday, running slower but still trying to keep up with stuff!
    Have a great day and hug the boys for me.


    1. Oh, Roberta, so nice to hear from you! I hope you got my Jaccquie Lawson e-card. I haven’t been on FB much and when that happens I lose notifications of posts from people. But I am on my way to specifically look at your page so I can see your two new additions! Hope you are doing well. Love and hugs!


  2. Happy for your post. Have missed it. Good to hear your ok but I didn’t expect humidity.
    I have saved your blogs. Didn’t want to give them up. It took me awhile early on to get the idea you were permanently on the road.
    Deb also is tracking on ancestry. She keeps it exciting. She found a woman who was adopted and wanted to know the father. She found the mother but she only said the first name. She uses DNA matches and found the father recently. They were on many trails but finally found the right one. We have several new relatives. Ha. Some are greater than others. I haven’t had time bit better soon with caregivers 6 days a week.
    Missing you, stay cool and well.


  3. So good to hear from you. I agree it is too hot for anything once the sun comes up. I have been inside and thankful for air conditioning . I love Ancestry. I had a grandfather that disappeared when my mother was three. Kids never knew what happened to him. After my mother died I found him in California. I was able to tell my moms remaining sibling what had happen to him and give her some closure. Have a great rest of the summer. Scratch a couple of sets of ears for me

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jean! Nice to hear from you. Being from MS you surely know a thing or three about humidity!!! Nasty stuff, eh? Good job on finding your grandfather. Your aunt must be grateful to be able know and close that door. The Chiweenie Brothers enjoyed the ear scratches and appreciate them so much. Thanks for sticking with us.


  4. You are such a brave, adventurous woman. I stand amazed at your tenacity and good humor. Love hearing these stories about your travels. Q has to be so hot right now and it sounds like your method is the best way to endure it for sure. Are there many people still in Q? Gas prices in California are horrible. My brother is not doing well. He lives in Saramento in a home and is very weak. We went down to see him the other day …down and back in the same day which was 8 hours of driving. Ugh. His wife is a piece of work is all I will say about that. He didn’t say much during the conversation, because very hard for him. We aren’t planning any other traveling this summer unless we go close. Don retired in feb and we were gone for 7 weeks coming to Arizona, family etc and that was just the beginning of the gas prices soaring. Fonzi had a foxtail in his ear from a hike we went on . He had it removed on Tuesday. The only way I knew something wasn’t right was his hearing was just not existent ! They removed with puss and is on drops in the ear for a week. He still seems like he can’t hear and I am worried about this.

    Love Jill


    1. Aww, Jilly, thanks for the kind words. Adventurous maybe, but no so brave. I wing it a lot, and let God decide what happens.
      So sorry to hear about your brother, will be keeping him in prayer. And Fonzi — poor baby. Those foxtails are nasty. Please let me know how he’s getting along. Miss you guys!


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