After our stay at El Vado, the park’s sister lake is up next. Heron Lake. The drive there is short, around ten miles. I speak with the camp host who says site #1 and site #15 are both available. We drive the loop. Number 1 has no shade at all, so that’s out. Site #15 has lots of shade but someone has just pulled in there. Dang. A check of the other campground sections provides no place for us. Read about Heron Lake State Park HERE

Onward, Boys, there’s no room at the inn.
Back onto Hwy 95 and then Hwy 64 we head to Chama and buy a veggie delite Subway sandwich, a few groceries and ice, and fuel. We travel through the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation, then through some oil well country on BLM land. We are back in high desert and there isn’t much of anything but juniper so shade is scarce.
We end up traveling clear to Navajo Lake State Park through some interesting rock formations which I stop to photograph, of course, but for the most part it is quite a lonely drive. Not much traffic along this two lane highway, but we eventually gain the lake, find a temporary spot for the night, move the next morning to another temporary spot, then finally get to one of the sites with a covered table and blessed shade. Here we stay for a few days so I can catch up on some rest.
Navajo Lake is very pretty, and this is a busy campground on the weekends. Thanks to school starting and Monday rolling around we get this lovely shaded site. Campground hosts are from Albuquerque. I chat with them for a while and the wife tells me they took a couple of weeks off to make a trip to Alaska earlier in the summer. THEY TOOK A TRIP FROM THIS CAMPGROUND IN NORTHERN NEW MEXICO TO ALASKA AND BACK WITHIN TWO WEEKS’ TIME. Wow, just wow. I don’t think I’d recover from that kind of traveling, but to each their own. I gathered it was more of an opportunity to check it off their bucket list than a chance to enjoy Alaska.

Read about Navajo Lake HERE.

Where to from here? There are several choices: To the other arm of the Navajo Lake and another campground? North to Chimney Rock National Monument in Colorado? Durango? Mesa Verde National Park? Four Corners? Canyon of the Ancients? All of them?
Thanks for taking time out of your day to see what we’re up to. Appreciate you and love reading your comments, Hugs Shawna

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4 thoughts on “HERON LAKE IS A NO GO, Navajo For the WIN”

  1. Well, Heron lake is beautiful. I saw people and that was a surprise. Somehow, high desert and lonely roads through me off but a Subway sandwich should have been a clue. You didn’t mention if you rented a kayak as I see in the pictures many boats on the lake. I remembered your kayak days and thought how nice to be able to have a floating adventure then I remembered the boys and what a dedicated mom you are and you wouldn’t leave them. Looking forward to your next stop. Hugs, Barb and Lee.


    1. Good morning Barb! Hugs to you and Lee! I haven’t kayaked for a very long time, years in fact. I hurt my wrist gardening and it took almost two years to feel better. Putting pressure on it wasnt a good thing, and getting in and out if the boat puts lots of weight on one’s wrists. Worried about a permanent injury I gave it up.
      You are correct, I wouldn’t leave The Chiweenie Brothers behind, I would have put doggie life jackets on them (yep, that’s a thing) and we’d of paddled off into the sunset.
      Sure hope my paragraphs show up on laptops, because they arent showing up on my phone; dreadful!!


  2. I would say all of them, eventually, however canyon of the ancients might be my interest….I don’t know if you are at a fork in the road and not sure which way to go or what ? I am trying to get used to my new phone to take pictures of our lovely fall and post them…The learning curve!!…Have a blessed week!

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