Earthship Biotecture

It’s about 40 miles, give or take, to Taos along a mountainous two lane narrow highway that twists this way and that. I can see where a semi going a little too fast could lose it on this road. Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful drive especially once you are over the mountain and reach the canyon bottom. It’s green, green, green, with beautiful pines and lush grass along the road.

Old buildings become visible as we get closer to town, I spy a campground along the creek and make a mental note in case we come this way again. Today, we’re out of ice and need food stuff so it won’t be here we camp tonight.

I  looked up the address for Walmart before we left Coyote Creek. Once we arrive I notice it’s a rather small store even though it has the Super Center logo. I have my list and off I go leaving the Chiweenie Brothers in the van. They never like this, but gosh they should be used to it by now!! Nope. They howl like they’re being abandoned forever. Sheesh.

Once inside I can’t find half of what is on my list and it suddenly dawns on me that there is no fresh food in this store! No fresh vegetables, no fresh meat. They have frozen stuff, but nothing fresh. And no water dispenser either. I get what I can, along with some ice and head back to the van. I feel lucky they had ice!

I plug our probable destination into the GPS just to get us going in the correct direction, and it takes us to a different part of town where I spot about three other grocery stores which, no doubt, have fresh stuff!! Having bought things at Wally to “make do” I bypass these markets and we head out of town. Along the way I stop at an obvious tourist trap section with pottery and the like. I spot a metal goat sculpture that I fall in love with, but settle for taking its picture rather than making a purchase.

DSC_0003 (2)

DSC_0004 (2)

The scenery beyond Taos is nothing to brag about. It’s pretty much boring high desert. UNTIL we come to Earthship Biotecture. What in the world is this? Funny houses in odd shapes, weird windows, and an all around general feel of fairies living here has me searching for a place to pull over. Turns out it’s a subdivision for earth friendly, self-sufficient, minimal impact on resources, ect. homes. Odd, individual family homes some half buried in the earth to conserve energy, solar panels, wind power, upcycled materials.  Really interesting.  Read more about it HERE

Farther on we cross the Rio Grande Canyon. It’s just a bridge across the Rio Grande River, but it’s impressive in height and scope.

We head west ong Hwy 64 and start pulling out of the high desert and once again enter the Carson National Forest.  Some beautiful meadows with old buildings and thunderclouds again beginning to gather.

Thanks for coming along on our adventures. Hugs, Shawna

CURRENT READ: The Last Boleyn by Karen Harper. Very good accurate historical fiction. Researched well.

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