Dental Appointment and Mittry Lake

Dec 8 th. I am up early, get the dogs fed and walked, and then head to the parking lot owned by the Quechan Indian Tribe where I pay $6 for a fenced, secure place to park while I am in Mexico. It’s a cool morning and I have no qualms about leaving the dogs in the van for a few hours. I walk across the border. Dr. Cochran has moved to a newer, bigger location and I wait for Richy, her husband and receptionist, to arrive to take me to the new place.
I am soon in the dental chair discussing what I want my dentist to look at and inquire as to what an implant procedure involves and the cost. It’s good to see these sweet, caring people again! I couldn’t have asked for better people to work on my dental issues. Dr. Cochran takes some X-rays (there is no separate charge for this) and she numbs me up. Shots in all four corners of my mouth will make the prep for the five crowns I need a painless procedure.

The four and half hours with my mouth open, however, is interesting. The zirconium crowns will be made during the coming week and I am scheduled to return for their placement and the implant team will be there for the first phase of that procedure, placing the screws into my right back jaw. Quality work at a fraction of the cost it would be in the states.
I head back north to a new spot for a few nights. Mittry Lake. I find a fairly secluded area where it’s quiet and peaceful.

I find this interesting rock.  Can you see two reptilian faces?  A shark?  a fish?

Rock. Find the Animals in it

I enjoy our camp for a couple of days, and the beautiful Arizona sunrises before heading back into Yuma for supplies, dog park time, and a search for Fortuna Pond.

Thanks for stopping by 2Dogs!  Hugs, Shawna

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2 thoughts on “Dental Appointment and Mittry Lake”

  1. I’ll bet the boys were glad to see you. One more day of the old year here then on to 2019. Leaving all cares behind I press on to the goal of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. That’s where I’m staying and letting Him take care of this worldly situation. Only looking for the good. A new grandson for my birthday in June will be nice. Take care. Happy 2019.


  2. Wow, you are brave to have all that dental work done at once. I can’t imagine that amount of time in the chair especially with my mouth as wide open as possible!! Praying all will go well with the implant. Have a great week and Happy New Year!


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