Yuma, A Casino, and a Muddy Mess

December 6th.  I spend a couple of hours at the Q library before making the stressful stop at the post office to acquire my forwarded mail then we head south to Yuma.  A stop at Wally and a visit to the dog park.  I think of my Burger Meister Meister Burger who I had to have put to sleep one year ago today.  It seems like yesterday as I remember this rascal and the wonderful years we had together.  

Tonight we stay at the Paradise Casino in their parking lot and plan for tomorrows walk across the border for my dental appointment.  We’ll be up early, have our breakfast and a long walk then make the short drive to the Quechan parking lot where I will pay $6 for the privilege of having a secure place to park and not have to worry about the boys.

Dec 7th. Mother nature had other plans.  It poured rain last night. POURED! By the time I got out to take this photo the water had drained somewhat, but we are stuck!
DSC_0078STUCK Paradise casino YumaCasino personnel tell me they can’t get a tow truck out here and get them stuck, too.  We wait.  In early afternoon a, young man from maintenance drives out in his golf cart-like work vehicle and says they have a Bobcat that could surely get us out, but it’s not on site today.  He suggests letting air out of the back tires and uses his cart to get to the left back wheel without getting into the mud and releases some air.  Same with the right.  It doesn’t work.  The Chiweenie Brothers don’t like this stuck business and show their frustration. DSC_0077Chiweenie's Feelings about being stuck






Oscar tells me his work pal has a big 4 x 4 truck and when he gets back from break he will ask him to pull us out.  He soon arrives and Oscar uses his cart to take the heavy duty yellow strap Jeremy has brought to get to the front of the van and attaches it to the bumper.  Heave, ho, and away we go following the back of the truck up and out of the mud.  They remove the strap and I follow to the maintenance building where Oscar airs up the back tires.

I offer some cash to Oscar for his trouble and he refuses. I ask him to please take it because without his help we would be waiting there for who knows how long. He asks if I am sure. Oh, boy, am I SURE!!!  I tell him to take his buddy out for some beers. He says, oh no, they will be having a really nice lunch today!

I have already rescheduled my dental appointment for tomorrow (they work on Saturdays!) so we head out to find a spot to park for the night.  And it won’t be in a casino’s dirt back lot!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hugs, Shawna


Author: 2DogsTravel

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am a full-time traveler, retired from a lifetime of different occupations, traveling the country with my two little dogs, Fries and Charlie B; The Chiweenie Brothers. You never know where you might find us, but if you do stop by and say hi . . . If you can get past the two best watch dogs in the universe! Happy Trails!

5 thoughts on “Yuma, A Casino, and a Muddy Mess”

  1. I think I said peaceful! But you made it with your guardian angel. I was worried about air in the tires but that was taken care of. By now you should be done with phase one of teeth. We had peaceful nice Christmas with carolers from church. On to a new year. ps. Does longer post take up internet time. Is short better?


  2. Oh my Gosh, Girl! Are you sure you don’t want to rename Misadventure????? The cat is sure taking advantage to being the only child for the moment, she was enjoying the company we had this last week.
    We had a white Christmas..and it it cold enough to keep some of it around…Made a dump run this morning and it was still below 37..Long john weather for sure!!
    Have a Happy New Year!!


  3. OMG! The mud! That must have been awful. I don’t know how you kept from getting mud in the van. Glad you were rescued. 😊. Can’t believe it has been a year since you lost Burger Boy. 😒


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