Dental Appointment and Mittry Lake

Dec 8 th. I am up early, get the dogs fed and walked, and then head to the parking lot owned by the Quechan Indian Tribe where I pay $6 for a fenced, secure place to park while I am in Mexico. It’s a cool morning and I have no qualms about leaving the dogs in the van for a few hours. I walk across the border. Dr. Cochran has moved to a newer, bigger location and I wait for Richy, her husband and receptionist, to arrive to take me to the new place.
I am soon in the dental chair discussing what I want my dentist to look at and inquire as to what an implant procedure involves and the cost. It’s good to see these sweet, caring people again! I couldn’t have asked for better people to work on my dental issues. Dr. Cochran takes some X-rays (there is no separate charge for this) and she numbs me up. Shots in all four corners of my mouth will make the prep for the five crowns I need a painless procedure.

The four and half hours with my mouth open, however, is interesting. The zirconium crowns will be made during the coming week and I am scheduled to return for their placement and the implant team will be there for the first phase of that procedure, placing the screws into my right back jaw. Quality work at a fraction of the cost it would be in the states.
I head back north to a new spot for a few nights. Mittry Lake. I find a fairly secluded area where it’s quiet and peaceful.

I find this interesting rock.  Can you see two reptilian faces?  A shark?  a fish?

Rock. Find the Animals in it

I enjoy our camp for a couple of days, and the beautiful Arizona sunrises before heading back into Yuma for supplies, dog park time, and a search for Fortuna Pond.

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Yuma, A Casino, and a Muddy Mess

December 6th.  I spend a couple of hours at the Q library before making the stressful stop at the post office to acquire my forwarded mail then we head south to Yuma.  A stop at Wally and a visit to the dog park.  I think of my Burger Meister Meister Burger who I had to have put to sleep one year ago today.  It seems like yesterday as I remember this rascal and the wonderful years we had together.  

Tonight we stay at the Paradise Casino in their parking lot and plan for tomorrows walk across the border for my dental appointment.  We’ll be up early, have our breakfast and a long walk then make the short drive to the Quechan parking lot where I will pay $6 for the privilege of having a secure place to park and not have to worry about the boys.

Dec 7th. Mother nature had other plans.  It poured rain last night. POURED! By the time I got out to take this photo the water had drained somewhat, but we are stuck!
DSC_0078STUCK Paradise casino YumaCasino personnel tell me they can’t get a tow truck out here and get them stuck, too.  We wait.  In early afternoon a, young man from maintenance drives out in his golf cart-like work vehicle and says they have a Bobcat that could surely get us out, but it’s not on site today.  He suggests letting air out of the back tires and uses his cart to get to the left back wheel without getting into the mud and releases some air.  Same with the right.  It doesn’t work.  The Chiweenie Brothers don’t like this stuck business and show their frustration. DSC_0077Chiweenie's Feelings about being stuck






Oscar tells me his work pal has a big 4 x 4 truck and when he gets back from break he will ask him to pull us out.  He soon arrives and Oscar uses his cart to take the heavy duty yellow strap Jeremy has brought to get to the front of the van and attaches it to the bumper.  Heave, ho, and away we go following the back of the truck up and out of the mud.  They remove the strap and I follow to the maintenance building where Oscar airs up the back tires.

I offer some cash to Oscar for his trouble and he refuses. I ask him to please take it because without his help we would be waiting there for who knows how long. He asks if I am sure. Oh, boy, am I SURE!!!  I tell him to take his buddy out for some beers. He says, oh no, they will be having a really nice lunch today!

I have already rescheduled my dental appointment for tomorrow (they work on Saturdays!) so we head out to find a spot to park for the night.  And it won’t be in a casino’s dirt back lot!

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We’re Back in Q

                                                                Life is short

November sure has whizzed by.  The Chiweenie Brothers and I made it to Arizona, spent a couple of nights at Craggy Wash in Lake Havasu where some guy tried to roust us from our spot beside a nice shade tree by whining about how this was the third time he’s lost out on this spot and HE needed shade­­­—like we didn’t!—and when I refused to give it up  he hopped in his rig and peeled out spraying us with small rocks and dirt!

When we left a couple of days later I got the tires rotated on MisAdventure, and then we spent some time at the SARA dog park. SARA Park has much to offer besides a wonderful dog park: Hiking and biking trails, an equestrian area, and more.

We move on to Parker where we spend one night off Hwy 62.  Last year’s camping area is inaccessible. Not sure if it was due to flash flooding or just the fact the road has been graded, but nothing looks familiar and I can’t find a spot with shade. One night here and we move on. Q (Quartzsite) here we come! 

I drive straight into town, get ice and fill up the generator (I love being able to use my Instant Pot!!) then head to the dog park.  Big surprise here.  The “Big Dog” side is closed for some unexplained reason and all are using the “Small Dog” side.  It isn’t working too well as the big dogs have pretty much taken over and there are plenty of little dogs that don’t like being in with them.  But, it is what it is. We will either spend more time in other areas of La Paz County or we can change our preferred time to be at this dog park to later in the afternoon. We’ll work it out!

Once the boys are ready to leave the dog park I drive to the library and try to get a blog post done.  I no longer have mobile internet as ATT said I used too many roaming hours and they cut me off everywhere there is no ATT cell tower.  Hmph!  This may be a long winter with fewer posts. Not surprisingly I still have to pay until my contract is up so I won’t be getting anything different at this time. Again … It is what it is.  I’ll work it out!

Meanwhile, out in the desert we settle onto BLM land with a sweet, shady spot at the Hi Jolly 14-day area.  Long walks with the boys in the chilly air of morning, some reading, checking email­­­—fortunately I can get my email and get onto the internet with my phone, but no way can I do a blog post from it— and I am able to make an appointment with my dentist in Los Algadones. But, before that happens we will head to Bouse and stay a night or two.  The boys will get to romp in the HUGE dog park there, I will get veggies from the truck that brings in produce fresh from the fields, and I will also attend a get-together with the Bouse Genies, the local genealogy group. 

This trip to our wintering grounds has brought some frustration, yes, but there has been blessings, too:  Lying in bed one night with the back doors open I watch the space station glide silently through the night sky.  Early mornings, before sunrise, I watch Venus hanging huge and glittering, low in the east as day tries to make her disappear for another 24 hours, Sun demanding her time in the sky. One morning Venus was next to the quarter moon; so beautiful!   

Some mornings Sun brushes past the distant mountains with a silent but huge burst of light, other mornings she makes a magnificent entry wearing a cloak of the softest pinks and lavenders or bright red and gold if she’s feeling brassy.


Coyotes howl across the desert.  I do consider this a blessing, although it’s not much fun when they come in close trying to trick The Chiweenie Brothers into coming out to play which they did three nights running at one point.  Sends a chill up my spine.

Gorgeous sunsets and sunrises.  They make my heart sing in their beauty.

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The Marvelous Ghost Town Named Bodie

It’s a clear but cold and windy day as we make our way to the state park that is the ghost town of Bodie.  Paved road save for the last 3 miles that are very rough, but it’s well worth the trip.

The boys are not happy that I am leaving them in the van even though dogs are allowed here, on leash, but I want to take photos and make them good ones.  In reality, Fries would not like being in the cold wind, but he doesn’t understand that.  A quick walk about for them to relieve themselves drives the point home and he is more than happy to get back inside the van. Charlie B just goes with the flow.

Fire burned a majority of the town on three different occasions through the years. The one during the Great Depression was started by a young boy attending a birthday party who was angry because he wanted birthday cake and was served green jello instead.  He got hold of a box of matches, went outside and began lighting them to catch the tarpaper on the house on fire. 

Although they had a piped water system in the town, maintenance had not been done and the pipes were plugged.  A bucket brigade might have gotten the fire under control, but either no one thought of it, or many were “under the influence” and not thinking clearly. 

If you would like to read more about Bodie, please do so  .

When the mines quit producing many could not afford to have their households moved so they just left everything behind.
One of two churches in the town

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