Munson Falls, Hebo Lake Boondock, and We Get a Curve Ball

Before turning in for the night yesterday I did a search for nearby boondock opportunities and find one near Hebo Lake, just five miles (up a steep hill it turns out.  Boy, this is getting real familiar!!) from the little town of Hebo.

We leave the wayside early and I drive to Munson Falls State Park located between Tillamook and Hebo on Hwy 101.  The road is a straight shot through a neighborhood on some rough, but paved, road.  There is not a single soul in this little park that is home to the tallest falls, at 319 feet, in the coast range.

Little Munson Creek is barely flowing and I wonder about the falls, but after a very short hike the boys and I get to where we can see the water flowing over the bluff.. It’s flowing pretty good, but it’s a drought year again, and I imagine there’s a lot more water that can cascade over that bluff in a good rain year.

DSC_0002 (4)We also take in Netarts Bay.

DSC_0004 Netarts Bay

Upon our arrival at Hebo Lake we cruise through the campground at the lake, but not only am I unimpressed, it’s $18 a night. Although they have tables and fire rings, and a vault toilet, there does not appear to be any water available, and not much privacy.  We head back down the mountain to around milepost four where I spotted a road leading back into the woods.

I nose the van down this short dirt road and into a clearing. It’s perfect.  I get the green beast as level as possible, walk the boys, then switch on the Kindle to check email, etc. The internet signal lasts long enough to find out my mail forwarding service in South Dakota is going out of business.  On the 31st!!!

I spend the afternoon trying to jockey the van into a position where I can once again pick up a signal, to no avail.  Criminy.  This won’t do. This has to be taken care of as soon as possible.  I need to research other services, get an application going, do all the change of address stuff.  We won’t be able to stay here.

DSC_0010 (3)

After a fitful night I am up early and we head back down the hill. The view is lovely in the morning mist.

DSC_0012Coming down off Hebo Mt

Gaining the town and spotting a man, who I hope is a local guy, walking back to his log truck I ask about a library. None here he tells me. Closest would be Tillamook.  I thank him and we drive back north. There’s nothing for it; we will have to go back to Tillamook and stay until this is settled.

Once in Tillamook I park at Fred Meyers while I research mail services, and make a couple of calls about my Medicare prescription coverage (even though I take no medications one still has to have this coverage or it becomes a lot higher if you wait until later down the road.  They penalize you for waiting.) making sure they will take it in the particular county I am “moving” to.   I choose a mail service and the next stop is the post office.

I go first through major town road work to the post office to pick up a form that will be required, a 1593.  The clerk has no idea what form that is. She requests I give her the NAME of the form instead of the number.  The service I picked out in western South Dakota just gave me the number. When I call they say I can get that on their website, not to worry.  OKAY, your site says the post office …

Fighting through the road work again, I find myself gritting my teeth, but we find the library, and I begin the process of printing out paperwork so I can fill it out and email it to the chosen forwarding service along with copies of required documents.
DSC_0005 (1)

Finally that has been taken care of and now we sit and wait to hear back from them. Once they process the paperwork they will email with our new address. Once that happens I send in the originals they charge my credit card, we will be down several hundred dollars, but will get our mail.  Then all that will be left to do is put in a change of address with the post office and change all the addresses for Medicare, social security, bank cards, retirement accounts, etc. etc.  I have a headache.

Thank goodness for Munson Falls. It was a bright spot in my day.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hugs, Shawna


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One thought on “Munson Falls, Hebo Lake Boondock, and We Get a Curve Ball”

  1. Ugh..I knew there was a reason to stay put..LOL Just the headache of dealing with all that bureaucracy to make a simple change of address. The girls did fair today with there piggies in the judging and showmanship..For the little one it was her first time and she got lots of pointers from the judge..I appreciated that. Now they get to play until Monday am sale time.. and a new chapter. Weather here is pleasant and MUCH easier today than last year…Take care and enjoy the water falls and lighthouses…


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