Kanab UT and Twin Hollow Canyon

April 22, 2018 – Having packed up last night it’s a no-rush morning to leave our beautiful camp at the BLM Vermillion Cliffs and climb the Kaibab Plateau.

Once we reach the top we find the Jacobs Lake Campground which hasn’t opened yet this year. The store doesn’t look like it’s open either, but we don’t stop since we are good for supplies at this point.

I begin the search for a campsite on Forest Service land and it isn’t long until I spy a road on the right. I turn here and in just a few hundred yards come to a road that looks promising. It’s a bit close to the highway, but I am hoping to get internet if I stay close which ended up being in vain, but it’s a nice camp. Lots of big pine trees, and not a through road so we won’t be bothered by through traffic. 

The Chiweenie Brothers and I spend a quiet, relaxing four days here and then Mary, one of the gals we’re doing a meet-up in, joins us and we stay for two more days. We intended to stay longer but on Saturday, the prediction for 70 mph winds on Sunday prompts us to pack up and skeedaddle early Sunday morning. Not liking to leave, but no sense pushing the envelope by staying under these lovely pines in those kinds of winds.

DSC_0010It’s about a 30 minute drive to Kanab, just across the border from Arizona. Mary and I both need gas and a few groceries before the camp hunt begins. We also make a stop at McD’s for coffee since it was up and at ’em early this morning. We do a search for dispersed camping. It isn’t long before we find a couple of promising sites, and it’s back into traffic and heading north again on 89, Mary in the lead. Traffic thins out as we leave Kanab and head up the canyon


The scenery is gorgeous.

DSC_0016 (1)Not too far north, maybe 17 miles or so, we find the horse and ATV staging area, but can’t find Twin Hollows Canyon Road. Mary goes scouting, I take the dogs for a walk. She soon returns and tells me it’s right across the road, the road that says dead end.

This area, too, has some beautiful cliffs and there’s a small creek at the back of our camp.

We set up camp with the intention of staying longer, but after our first night we discuss what we want to do, and the plan changes. I need to go back to Kanab and make a visit to the post office as my camera lens has been delivered from Amazon, general delivery. That’s first on my list.

We both want to see the world’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary located outside of Kanab, but I also want to meet up with Peggy, the other half of our meet-up group. If I don’t meet up with her I won’t see her as she and Mary are heading on to Moab. I’ve seen Moab and would rather visit new places.

Mary goes to the sanctuary, and I have decided to head to Zion N. P. then meet Peggy in St. George for a one-night camp with her before she heads on east.

It’a a mad dash back to Kanab, pick up the lens, then back north to catch Hwy 9 east that goes through the park.  I contact Peg and make plans to meet somewhere around St. George, place unknown until we are both in that area later today.

Thanks for stopping by 2Dogs. Hugs, Shawna

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Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am a full-time traveler, retired from a lifetime of different occupations, traveling the country with my two little dogs, Fries and Charlie B; The Chiweenie Brothers. You never know where you might find us, but if you do stop by and say hi . . . If you can get past the two best watch dogs in the universe! Happy Trails!

2 thoughts on “Kanab UT and Twin Hollow Canyon”

  1. That is definitely beautiful country, the one rock area looked like a pueblo home in the rocks. Have a happy time checking out new sites. Take care and be safe.


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