Congress AZ Part Two

March 25th. The boys and I take several longs walks a day. I read, they nap. I enjoy the early evening listening to the birds and watching the clouds, they nap. I cook dinner, they’re sitting at my feet. *smile*

DSC_0068 (1)


As much as the days are seemingly the same, each one brings something different, as does our walks.

There are many spots along the winding dirt roads where houses once sat when this old area of Congress was a bustling gold mining town. There is broken glass everywhere, probably every house had a dump site nearby. I can see where people have dug into the earth searching for old bottles and relics of Congress’ early era.
There is also evidence of much target practice or just mischief here. The old glass bottles, what are left of them, are broken further into shards and little pieces that litter the ground and make it sparkle in the sunlight. Not much of that beautiful lavender colored glass can be found, but there is a lot of the light sea foam green. This is the biggest chunk I found.


The majority of the glass is beer bottle brown and Gallo green. There is also evidence of where locals have been dumping trash, but it’s not much.
Jack rabbits are everywhere. There are lots of quail and small ground squirrels of a type I believe are Hamilton squirrels, but with the dogs I haven’t been able to get a photo of them. I spied this bird in a nearby greasewood bush that I believe is a female cardinal.DSC_0015
It’s a terrible shot that I had to enlarge in an attempt to identify it, and I somehow double exposed it.  I learned that Northern Cardinals actually inhabit the southwest and was surprised to find this out. Have yet to see the male, but I am keeping my eyes open.

Anyone know what kind of hawk this is?

The Chiweenie Brothers thank you for coming along on our adventure.

DSC_0033 (1)


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Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am a full-time traveler, retired from a lifetime of different occupations, traveling the country with my two little dogs, Fries and Charlie B; The Chiweenie Brothers. You never know where you might find us, but if you do stop by and say hi . . . If you can get past the two best watch dogs in the universe! Happy Trails!

5 thoughts on “Congress AZ Part Two”

    1. The cardinal and pyrrhuloxia were on the same page in my small bird book and it didn’t give tons of information but the picture seemed spot on for cardinal. I will look again. Thanks!!!


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