We Leave Q

The Quartzsite, AZ Post Office is famous. Famous for the worst customer service and loss of mail in the state. Heck, probably the entire United States.  No one ever seems to have a good experience there, not even the locals.

Why I am including this?  Because my forwarded mail took over TWO WEEKS to get to Quartzsite.  Stuck in Phoenix I am told.  Oh, they’re down a sorting machine someone else tells me.  What really happened is they SENT IT BACK TO SOUTH DAKOTA!!  I have tax documents in that envelope and am chomping at the bit. It is being sent to Q again.  The weather has turned hot (although it was brief, it was extremely uncomfortable), and I am ready to roll north, but we must wait.

On March 12th  I am prepared to say goodbye to Q.  The mail should only take two days as it was sent 2-day priority. It’s been three.  I have done all the mundane, weekly chores of emptying the porta potty, replenishing our ice, filling our water jugs, and buying a few days’ worth of groceries.  This round calls for checking tire pressure on Freedom and checking her oil.  We’re good to go, and I head to the P.O.  And no mail for me.  *SIGH*. 

We head back out to Hi Jolly, our boondocking camp just north of town.  I don’t set up any kind of camp, just park where, thankfully, no one  has snagged our shady spot, and debate getting into my witch costume and calling in the flying monkeys ….

Instead I connect to the internet and check the tracking of my mail. It shows  THE MAIL HAS ARRIVED!! — but it came in or wasn’t processed until AFTER the post office’s time slot, between noon and 1:00 p.m., for handing over the general delivery stuff. *SIGH*.  I’m practicing patience, I really am, because I reconsider the costume and calling in the  flying monkeys and I don’t make it happen. 

Tuesday the 13th I am up early wiping down the van trying to remove a bit of the dust, and am blessed with a gorgeous sunrise. It’s breathtaking. I never tire of them.

We head to the dog park and the boys get in an hour or so of off-leash fun. It was a nice opportunity to say another goodbye to friends here. Lo and behold the mail is actually at the post office, and we head east to Bouse. 

Intending to stay only a day or two, cooler weather drops in and the veggie truck will appear in town on Thursday.  I make the executive decision to stay until then.  The co-pilots agree as that means Bouse Dog Park time for them.  It’s one of their favorite parks because they usually have it all to themselves.  


DSC_0074 - Copy

I find a wonderful spot a few miles out of town under a huge ironwood tree providing lots of shade. On Thursday we head to town for a visit to the truck that brings wonderful fresh vegetables to this little town every week on Thursday and Friday.  Prices are very reasonable. I purchase a huge bunch of tender first-crop asparagus, 2 pounds of organic strawberries, a pint of huge yummy looking blackberries, and two avocadoes for $6. Dang, I wish I had bought more.  Those berries were gone in a flash.

My intention was to leave after our fruit and vegetable purchase, but the night before the wind kicked up; strong, insistent wind. It  continues to blow for three days, and looks like it will blow for at least two, maybe three more days. I don’t like driving in the wind so we’re staying put through the weekend.

Thursday evening, the wind continuing to howl, I notice buzzards trying to find a port in the storm.  The best shots of them trying to land in the wind didn’t come out at all, and these aren’t much better, but ….


At one point in our stay I am delighted with this lovely, soft sunset.  I never tire of the gorgeous morning and evening displays and will miss them as we travel north; or perhaps they will be just a beautiful!

Our hot spell broken with the arrival of the wind the boys try to stay warm.  Fries in his bed with his blanket and Charlie choosing the dashboard with the sunshine pouring through itDSC_0086



Thanks for stopping by 2Dogs! Hugs, Shawna

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Author: 2DogsTravel

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am a full-time traveler, retired from a lifetime of different occupations, traveling the country with my two little dogs, Fries and Charlie B; The Chiweenie Brothers. You never know where you might find us, but if you do stop by and say hi . . . If you can get past the two best watch dogs in the universe! Happy Trails!

11 thoughts on “We Leave Q”

  1. Good morning! Praying the week ahead is much less frustrating. The vistas you were experiencing are beautiful. I remember some of the delays that rolled through the PO when I worked there…Nothing much the local post master could control tho. The boys are looking good. We are expecting snow this afternoon so I am deciding weather I need to go to town or not…really don’t want to. tomorrow might be better or worse…just not feeling well. I have dodged the colds and flu this year..praying that remains the case. Take care and thank you for the updates.


  2. Wow, those photos–especially the sunsets! ❤
    I think it’s so great that you have the flexibility to decide that if it’s windy, you don’t have to head out today, Shawna.
    And as a former postal employee, I’m embarrassed to agree with you about how bad some of the Postal “service” has become. I’m glad your mail FINALLY showed up!


    1. Kris, the sunsets and sunrises can be absolutely spectacular here. Never get tired of them. Not have to travel unless I want to has been really, really nice. As for the postal service, this truly has been an “adventure” in Q. Unfortunately I think service in many businesses has fallen short now days. I have a plan for next year, though ….


  3. Love reading your updates and seeing your beautiful pictures. I feel like I am there with you! So thankful your mail finally caught up to you inspite of the USPO. (You know the IRS would FIND and FINE you if those taxes weren’t filed by Apr. 15th!)


  4. Oh, Shawna, how frustrating waiting for your mail. Glad you are heading north but I will miss your blogs of the desert south. It has been quite an adventure. The boys are totally spoiled but I think they are well adjusted and very happy. Hope your upcoming adventure will be fun, relaxing and moderately exciting. ..Nice to know you are staying clean. 🙂


  5. Hi Shawna As you head north, remember Lake Havasu City and Flagstaff have great aquatic centers with lovely hot tubs. Flagstaff also has the Lowell Observatory, which was a highlight of my trip. They give amazing lectures!

    I am in Washington State, heading towards my daughter’s for the 26th. I was back to BC briefly to renew my travel insurance. I hope all is well with you and your pups.



    1. Thanks for the info! Not going Havasu way, and don’t have a suit with me. but will be sure a bring one on my trip back in the fall. Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound! Hope to see you next year.


  6. Also!! Food city in Lake Havasu has Buneuelos, cinnamon and sugar crispy tortilla-like dessert. I was seriously addicted.


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