Salvation Mountain

On the 27th of January I decide to head west beginning a little side trip to break up what has become the mundane in Q.  RTR over, the shows that draw the big crowds to this tiny town every January are winding down, and my feet are getting itchy.  We gas up, stock up, and head out on I-10 to Blythe where we take Hwy 78 passing by the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area near Glamis.  They are beautiful.

ATVs are zipping over the dunes. Some have little flags on sturdy rods attached to them  which are bending backwards with the force of the air flowing.

We turn north onto Hwy 111 and pass through Brawley and Calipatria. Love this tree art spotted along the way.

Living Stump Carving in BrawleyWe arrive Niland where we will camp for a night and take in Slab City and Salvation Mountain.

DSC_0015 Salvation Mountain, which you will see in the link below, has kind of a Where’s Waldo? feel to it. I think it’s the riotous color and much to take in and the eyes don’t know where to settle first.

This tribute to Jesus is quite the surprise in this southern part of the Mojave Desert.  You may read about it’s history HERE.

Waiting to meet a friend, Jan, who the boys and I are loosely traveling with on this trip we drive through the area and grab some photos.

These are the year-round residents (squatters?). The Slabs where the snowbirds park for as long as they like are on Low Street. The whole area (city) has different roads, dirt, and most are named.

I opt to park south of Salvation Mtn for the night; it’s not too restful as traffic comes and goes until the wee hours of the morning. I let Jan know we are heading out and  will meet her somewhere along the Salton Sea when she is ready to leave Slab City.

Thanks for stopping by 2Dogs! Hugs, Shawna

A life Others don't understand

Slab City Camping Amenities:  NONE. COST- free.  If you forego the slabs and decide to park elsewhere walk the road or area first as many get stuck out here and even well traveled paths have deep swales to navigate.


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9 thoughts on “Salvation Mountain”

  1. Slab city seems like a “once is enough. I saw it opportunity”
    If you head up near the Bay Area let me know. Love to try to meet up. Safe travels my friend.


    1. It was interesting to say the least. I will definitely get in touch if I am that way!! Counting on Utah, but man it’s already warming up here. Looking at places north where we can hang out and stay cool.


  2. Boy you are seeing some very “interesting” stuff! Like they say, it takes all kinds to make the world go round and it’s nice these people have found a “place to be”!! Have fun!


  3. WOW, some characters that live on the slab…And I thought my back yard didn’t look very is pristine compared to that. LOL..Glad you have a semi travel buddy. The weather here is gorgeous and appears to be in the 60’s plus for the next 10 days at least..I keep praying for some burn days. Have been raking and got help with the manzanita but it is cut and can’t burn it…. Oh well..enjoy the sun and relaxation while I can..Stupid Pine trees are still throwing cones at my clean lawn. Have a great week!


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