Dog parks are a wonderful creation! The Chiweenie Brothers LOVE their time at the various parks we run across in our travels.



If you are not familiar with treating your fur babies to some off-leash fun time and socializing with other canines, here are a few tips and “rules”.
Dog parks require that you pick up after your dog. Many even supply the bags so there’s no excuse for not picking up the poop! Most dogs will run around for just a few minutes before they do their duty so watch them closely for the first few minutes and you will have that task out of the way!  Poop can transmit diseases, it draws flies, and stinks. Who in the heck wants their dog (or yourself!!) stepping in it or your pal ROLLING in it? PICK IT UP. It’s YOUR responsibility. I am sounding harsh here, but not picking up number two is the NUMBER ONE complaint of visitors to the dog parks and those out boondocking.

Your dog should be leashed entering and exiting the park. Keep in mind a lot of dogs are reactive when leashed, but will settle down once inside the park and off leash. They’re going to sniff the other dogs and the other dogs are going to sniff them. Let them; that’s what dogs do. If the ‘sniff-ee’ doesn’t like it they let the ‘sniffer’ know. This, too, is normal and doesn’t necessarily mean there’s going to be a fight.

If your dog is aggressive please do not take it to a dog park. Dogs can and do get into small skirmishes when getting acquainted and establishing their pecking order. This is normal. Don’t rush in too fast, but do keep an eye on them to make sure it doesn’t escalate, but if you know your dog is aggressive do not take him to the park! If it hurts another dog you will be accountable for the vet bill.
Normally parks do not allow puppies under six months of age, unvaccinated animals, females in heat, and unneutered males. Even if this isn’t posted, please don’t take these animals to the park. These are common sense regulations that may not have occurred to you, but it is in everyone’s best interest to abide by these rules

Many—but not all— dog parks have a double entrance/exit gate system to prevent escapees when coming and going. Open the outer gate and close it behind you before unleashing your dog. Open the second gate and let them enter the park. Reverse this order when leaving. Dogs are going to rush over, many barking in happy anticipation, to greet the new arrival. If you are the one already in the park it’s nice if you walk over and help the new arrival get into the park. Some dogs and many owners are a bit fearful when faced with the welcoming committee so it’s nice to lend a helping hand.
No special toys or dog treats should be taken to the park. There’s potential for problems so leave special toys home and only take treats if you can keep them on your person and don’t mind having other dogs wanting you to share or jumping all over you. Tennis balls or similar are usually a good toy, but if you do take a ball or any other toy and it causes a problem please remove it. Don’t be surprised if other dogs who love to chase ball want in on the fun.
Keep in mind the dog park is not a good place for training to take place unless it is socialization. You put your dog at a disadvantage when you try to train in the park where there are so many distractions. The park is a public place and if it’s empty when you get there it won’t be for long. No one is going to give up their dog’s play time for you to train, and you shouldn’t expect them to.
Don’t complain about barking at the park. They’re dogs. They bark. Your dog may not be a barker, but some are. Let dogs be dogs in this place.
Dog parks are great places to meet people and make new friends. Enjoy the company of the other dog owners at the park, but be sure and keep an eye on your fur baby and be aware of what’s happening.
Your dogs are going to love you for giving them the freedom to run and interact with other dogs!

I will be making a list of the dog parks we encounter during our travels and updating as needed. You can find this in the sidebar where I list the meteor shower schedule for the year, books I especially liked, and our bucket list.
THANKS FOR VISITING 2DOGS!!! Guess where we’re going? Yep, the dog park in Q. Bark, woof, wag!