Painted Rocks Campground

October 9, 2017. We leave Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and head westward, oh ever westward, via 85 north to catch I-8 at Gila Bend, headed to Painted Rocks Campground. DSC_0051

  The plan is to spend a couple of nights here, but once we get to the campground I change my mind. It’s still very warm in the desert and this campground has NO shade.  None. Even the picnic tables go without hats.   

Not to let it spoil our good time, I fill out the BLM (this IS BLM land, but since it is an actual campground with amenities they charge per day for camping here) form and find that the price is cut in half with a senior pass. No, we are still only staying one night.  This light skinned, blue-eyed blonde (well, almost. It’s gray blond, okay?) can’t abide being in direct sun for very long without getting ill.  Even though it’s a one-night stand so to speak I put up the window covers and park so we catch any little breeze that comes along and wants in the side doors.

It’s too late in the afternoon for good shots of the ancient petroglyphs that give this campground it’s name so in the morning, first thing, I take these shots. First things first, though.  Early morning—My favorite time of the day—when the landscape is painted purple gives us this view.


 No doggies allowed in the petroglyph area, so the boys must wait in the van.  It’s not a huge site so it doesn’t take long to shoot these scenes.  Click to enlarge.

We are coming to the last leg of our journey on our way to our wintering grounds. Next stop Yuma.  Rumor has it there is a dog park there …

Thanks for stopping by 2Dogs! Hugs, Shawna

Water: No                                    Garbage: Yes
Bathrooms: Vault                       Electricity: No
Tables: Yes, no shade covers   Shower: No
Fire Pit: Yes.                                BBQ: Grate on fire pit
# of Sites: I do not know, but there is a LOT. Any size rig

 Fee: $8 per night, half that with senior pass
Other:  The petroglyphs were worth the 11 mile drive into this campground on paved road, but because of the lack of shade, even over the picnic tables, I would not stay here again. Maybe in January. 

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