Bottomless Lakes State Park

October 20, 2017. After talking to a couple of people at the Woof Bowl I decide to drive out to Bottomless Lakes State Park. We are in no hurry to arrive in Q (Quartzsite) as it is still way to hot there for this girl. 

Honestly the scenery is such in this part of New Mexico that I am not really interested thinking it will be a disappointment, but the  doggie moms and dads say it’s beautiful, and doggie moms and dads should know!

Heading west through town we turn left on 2nd street. You can’t miss the brown sign with white lettering. Twelve miles out of town we come to the turn off that takes us the park. The scenery is changing. 

We arrive at the entrance to park

DSC_0018 (2) and a bit farther along come to the “iron ranger” and pay for two nights. $20. There are restrooms, water, covered picnic tables.. We don’t need electric so no sense paying for it. Showers are available on down the road in the “fancy” part of the campground. 

Other than raccoons trying to make off with my almost-full airtight 12 pound tub of dog kibble  (the second night they must have brought in the big guy because that tub of food was 20 feet from our picnic table!) and what I swear were wild pigs nosing around in the middle of the night it was quiet and peaceful.

The bottomless “lakes” are beautiful and the photos do not do them justice. It was impossible for me to take photos showing the gorgeous walls of the pools and the pools themselves together as it is straight up and down or close to it and without wings …

DSC_0012 (1)The wild Chiweenie Brothers have to check it out and it doesn’t bother them in the least that it’s STRAIGHT DOWN!

The colors are entirely different at different times of the day and at what depth of the wall the photos are taken.  

DSC_0007 (2)Mirror Lake below

DSC_0010 (2)

This was the only angle I could get on Mirror Lake. The top pool would be the right one, the one that supports fish, and the bottom one is the left side, with the high saline content.

After two lovely nights here we are up early and we head westward once again. The only for-sure thing on our itinerary this day is to make it to Tinnie, NM and stop by a little Baptist church pastored by a young man’s uncle the boys and I met at the Woof Bowl.  If you are so inclined prayer for this young man, John, who has some major health problems he is dealing with would be wonderful. I know he would appreciate it. 

Thanks for stopping by 2Dogs! We appreciate you coming along on this big adventure with us!  Hugs, Shawna

CURRENT READ: When I’m Gone by Emily Bleeker

WHAT’S IN THE NIGHT SKY:  November will have the full moon called the Hunter’s Moon.  Mid-November will bring the Leonid Meteor Showers.  









Author: 2DogsTravel

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am a full-time traveler, retired from a lifetime of different occupations, traveling the country with my two little dogs, Fries and Charlie B; The Chiweenie Brothers. You never know where you might find us, but if you do stop by and say hi . . . If you can get past the two best watch dogs in the universe! Happy Trails!

5 thoughts on “Bottomless Lakes State Park”

  1. Wow! This is becoming an education. Have never heard of this place in New Mexico. Full moon should have been beautiful there. Ours was big as seen through the clouds. Keep on enjoying.


  2. You are finding the most beautiful country, and I will keep John in prayer. Sounds like you need a bear cache sling to keep the racoons at First snow of the season here on the ground…I am snug in my warm house..trying to get things done but thought I would goof off a bit..Have a great day!


  3. I used to live in New Mexico and have camped a lot of beautiful places. Hope to meet you in either Ehrenberg or Quartzite in November, I believe it will start to get cooler out there soon. Safe travels to you and the pups!


    1. Thank you Sherry, we take it slow! New Mexico does have some beautiful spots, especially a bit further north, and I definitely hope to take those in at some point. Hope to see you in Q, too!


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