Everything’s Bigger in Texas

October 11, 2017. From Meade we head back to Liberal and get supplies, gas, and a walkabout before saying goodbye to Kansas.

We head south through the panhandle of Oklahoma on Hwy 83 and crossover into Texas stopping in Spearman to enjoy The Windmill Park, a collection of antique windmills, some very rare.

Our destination is Lake Meredith National Recreation Area in Fritch, Texas. Free camping with amenities: Potable water, flush toilets, SHOWERS, trash cans, covered tables and a beautiful view of the lake . I plan on staying for several days at least so as soon as we arrive I set about making our camp. It’s hot, but a nice breeze keeps things cooler.

Our first morning I hear the familiar sound of a flock of sandhill cranes. They often fly very high in the sky and it is sometimes very hard to spot them.  I hear them, but don’t see them.

As I sit in my camp chair reading my current book, a nice cool beverage at my side something hits me in the face. Hits my glasses to be precise, the left lens. Hard.  I discover it’s a HUGE green katydid. He lost a leg in the crash. UGH!

We pass a decent night, but it’s a bit warm and I decide a shower is in order. I gather my bag and leave the boys with their treat balls and Kongs to keep them occupied.  My anticipation of hot water and shampoo is short lived. I get inside the shower/bathroom and find there are spiders. A HUGE tarantula-size spider and a couple small ones. Inside. Grey and white with large abdomen and long slender legs. I herd the monster outside and thank goodness he didn’t fight back.  Let’s just say the shower wasn’t as lovely as I was anticipating, but nothing is perfect, right? The water’s hot, the room is  reasonably clean, and it’s free. What’s a giant spider?  UGH!

Find a spider photo.

I spend a lot of time rescuing The Chiweenie Brothers from the ever present stickers that lurk in every patch of grass. Their poor little paws must feel like pincushions. Burger the Goat Dog just chews them up. UGH!

The sunsets are lovely


And listening to the sandhill cranes make their way to wintering grounds is enchanting. A flock finally flies low enough to get a somewhat decent photo.


The breeze turns to wind every afternoon, and it’s almost impossible to sit outside for very long. I decide to move camp on Saturday as I have to go into town for ice and I hope to find a spot with no–or at least fewer–stickers.

Ice procured in nearby Sanford at $2.68 for ten pounds of cubes (haven’t found anyone since Nevada that sells blocks) we are back in the campground and I find a spot with another lovely view of the lake and we plan to make it home for a couple of days.

Saturday  October  14th.  It’s really warm today, and I look forward to evening and a cool down.  We get settled in for the night after the evening walk and I play a few rounds of Chums with a friend over the internet.

All of a sudden, out of literally nowhere, the wind smacks into the van making it rock. The boys look up in alarm and I swear.  Not I swear it did. I swear. As in what the heck? Or something of that nature! 🙂

Dashing outside I scurry around fighting every inch of the way to get the solar panel under the van, the garbage bags secured, and miscellaneous items that haven’t been blown off the table into the van. Getting the van’s back doors closed is almost impossible, but thank God it was accomplished because otherwise everything in the back would surely have been blown away.

From that point for the next three or so hours gale force wind pounds us. I don’t sleep well, but the boys eventually settle down and snooze away.  A dog’s life!

After that eventful night, our morning walk reveals something hairy crawling out onto the tarmac where we are taking our  stroll. Fries runs right over to it, but backs off. A tarantula.  UGH!

Do NOT ever doubt a Texan when he says everything is bigger in Texas.  They are absolutely right. And we’re outta here.

I stop at the post office in Fritch to pick up our forwarded mail, then we head out continuing our westward course.

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Author: 2DogsTravel

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am a full-time traveler, retired from a lifetime of different occupations, traveling the country with my two little dogs, Fries and Charlie B; The Chiweenie Brothers. You never know where you might find us, but if you do stop by and say hi . . . If you can get past the two best watch dogs in the universe! Happy Trails!

3 thoughts on “Everything’s Bigger in Texas”

  1. Very pretty, but yes I would be outta there too…Big spiders are not my friends. little ones aren’t either but they are easier to kill!
    Have a great week!


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