Fontanelle Creek Campground

It was such a long day today;  I need to stop. The boys need to stop. I am finding nothing along 189 N that will give us any shade when suddenly off in the distance I see water! And it’s a CAMPGROUND! I motor on down the incline and see that they have COVERED picnic tables, and I certainly do not mind manufactured shade today! It’s BLM, but it’s a fee area due to the improvements, but with my senior discount pass it’s only $3.50 a night. We are staying at the Fontanelle Creek Campground on the Fontanelle Creek Reservoir. I set up a rudimentary camp and call it good. All I want to do is see the sun go down and then lay my head down.


Overnight it gets down to 46 degrees! Now THAT’s more like it.

DSC_0030 (1)
Monday, August 28th. I make a French press pot of coffee and take it inside Freedom to enjoy. The Chiweenie Brothers snuggle back under the covers and wait patiently to be fed their breakfast. Burger keeps an eye out in the front co-pilot area in case an intruder should wander by.
Once I am coffee’d out I scurry around and make a proper camp, get fresh clean water from spigots situated around the camp grounds, and take the boys for a nice long walk. Next I pull out the solar cooker I bought, replacing the one I made that worked well but fell apart; apparently duct tape doesn’t hold well in the sun. In go potatoes to cook all day and about halfway through I will toss in some veggies to roast.
Tired of items in the cooler getting soaked as the ice melts, I cut the top off a large square water jug and put the ice, still in its bag, right down inside. Problem solved and the water will stay clean and will be usable instead of having to be tossed.
We are staying another night or two so I cover the windshield and tires facing the sun and put up a blanket over the open back doors to keep the setting sun at bay. With Wyoming wind blowing through, the van stays a reasonable temperature. Not cool by any means, but reasonably warm, not suffocating.

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WHAT’S IN THE NIGHT SKY? A billion and one stars! No lights blocking any of them. It is a sight to behold!

The Bonneville Salt Flats

After a long day of driving we top the crest of the small hill and pull over to snap a shot of Wendover, and the salt flats in the background.


We drive on with the target of the rest area halfway across the flat, white landscape.



After a decent night’s sleep we take the short hike up to the top of the trail to take in the vast vista across the valley.


Where once people trudged west on foot, by wagon, and on horseback now wild horses roam. We were not lucky enough to see the horses. I cannot even imagine the migration west. Such hardship and heartache our forefathers endured.


We head out to get through Salt Lake City before church traffic starts. We got lost in the construction zone detour on the outer limits of Salt Lake City, but find our way eastward again, heading toward Evanston, Wyoming. I had forgotten a lot about Wyoming except the wind, the wild Wyoming wind, but it was a blessing today, because there are very few trees to give much-needed shade when travelling in a dark vehicle and stops are needed. The wind helps to keep things bearable.

DSC_0078This pretty much sums up the vast majority of Wyoming


I decide we are not staying in Evanston and drive on toward Kemmerer, the “Mother Store” to all J C Pennys. I need to get off the blasted freeway and while driving Hwy 189 N, we do not find any shade, but there are no vehicles going 80 MPH + either!.
On the north end of Kemmerer I spot a DOG PARK, and the boys enjoy some much-needed exploring and hiking of legs. They soon tire of the relentless sun—and the fact I am in the van working on this post doesn’t set well with them either—and who jumps into the van, tails wagging, but The Chiweenie Brothers! The little stinkers got under the gate and came looking for mom! Thank God they had sense enough to come straight to the van.
I am very happy to be off the interstate and resting a bit. That unbelievable speed limit of 80 MPH on I-80 through much of Utah (except for the sections through the canyon where there are 45 MPH curves!) was nerve wracking. Who thinks this is okay? Freeways are scary enough with crazy people packing the highways, but add in that speed …
Before taking a little nap, I research camping sites up the road. Where are we going to land tonight?
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