Madison, Home Sweet Home

We arrive in Madison September 10th , a Sunday, and locate a campsite with electricity at Walker’s Point Recreation Area.  DMV is only open one day a week, on Tuesdays, so we have another two days to relax and make plans for where we will go once the residency and registration issue is taken care of.  The cicadas are singing and it’s very, very windy.

Come Tuesday morning we head into town and find that vehicle registration is in the assessor’s office and they advise me to get my driver’s license then come back.  

The photos do not do this justice. Both sides of the street have hanging baskets of pink flowers lining the sidewalks.  It’s just beautiful!

The DMV is located in one of the 4-H buildings in a different part of town, but it was fairly easy to find. The three gals come from Sioux Falls (or is it Pierre?) once a week and set up all the equipment ready for photos, faxing, and everything else. The place is packed. 

After a two hour wait it’s my turn and there is a problem regarding the judgement I sought from the court when I asked to take back my sons’ father’s last name. That legal paper wasn’t good enough, I also needed to prove I had been married in the first place.  Consequently I did not get the actual driver’s license, but did get my photo taken, instructions on what to send to the state capitol to complete the process, and a permit good for six months.

Vehicle registration went a bit smoother but not without a hiccup. She couldn’t find the correct category for Freedom, a Ford e150 Econoline conversion van.  The clerk ended up just choosing the lightest category in weight, printed out the registration papers, handed me the plates and we were done. I asked what I should do with the old license plates and the clerk said, “Whatever you want. They’re California plates and we don’t want ’em.”  All righty then … 

We stay another night, this time at Lake Herman so we can get a notary signature on the marriage license application.  This state park encompasses land settled by Herman Luce  in the late 1800s. This is what the park web site says:
Lake Herman has been a popular campsite for hundreds of years. Before white settlers entered the region, it was popular among Native Americans traveling to nearby Pipestone quarries.
The first settlers at Lake Herman were Herman Luce and his son, William. They settled the timberland on the east side of the lake and assumed squatters’ rights on June 17, 1870. The log cabin in the park was built for Herman Luce in the summer of 1871. The cabin is made of sturdy oak logs hand hewn to fit snugly and chinked to keep out the cold.
Luce’s cabin briefly served as a U. S. Land Office, with Herman Luce in charge. In 1977, the Herman Luce Cabin was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

I want to stay longer in Madison, but camping fees are just too expensive. Before we head to Nebraska, though, I get my library card from a very sweet young lady working in Madison’s library.  Goodbye Madison, South Dakota.  See you in five years.

Hugs, Shawna














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6 thoughts on “Madison, Home Sweet Home”

  1. Awe, yes, the deed is done. Glad your glitches were fairly easy to fix. Love the pictures but wish there was a slide show type feature so we didn’t have to go back to you letter to see the next picture. Maybe I just haven’t seen the connection if there is one….Don’t stop sending pictures tho.. Avery cool week with great days for being out and about. However I think all of us are adding a few layers of clothing and hoping our bodies acclimate quickly to the changes.
    Take care and safe journey. Hugs!


    1. That sounds irritating, but I am not sure what you are telling me. Would you private email with a more detailed description of the problem and what you are viewing the blog on? The blog should read as one entire page. Thanks for letting me know! And stay warm! Not a problem here. It was 73 degrees and 64% humidity this morning. Big storm coming in later.


  2. If anyone else is having a problem viewing the blog as a single post (having to go back to the beginning to view each photo?) please let me know via private email ( and explain what you are experiencing. Thanks!


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