The Misadventure of a Wild Wiener Dog


It happened. My house sold (within a week!) and the buyer wanted a quick escrow. Two weeks to be exact, but I knew there was no way to vacate in that amount of time so I countered with three and in reality I should have insisted on it being the standard 30 days.  I. Am. Tired.
Unfortunately we haven’t been able to start the Big Adventure yet as my son and granddaughter developed some health issues, and I plan on sticking around until those things are resolved. During this hiatus I will spend time going through the storage unit to further rid myself of “stuff”, stuff that I didn’t have time to dispose of with such a short escrow.
The boys and I were fortunate to have been offered a shady spot to park for the duration, and I can’t tell you how much of a blessing it has been during this awful heat wave. The smoke from the fires in the next county have just added to the discomfort, but every time I stick my feet a nice, cool, clear tub of water I send up a thank you to my dear friend and her husband.


DSC_0024 (14)
Hat Creek where we hung out for a few days. Beautiful spot, not much consistent shade.

So what’s this mention of a misadventure? Let me tell you …
The second night here at my friends’ place we had a visitor to our humble vome; one of the friendliest black kitties I’ve ever encountered. He came right up to the van and drove Burger and The Chiweenie Brothers crazy. I had to shoo him off.
As the scorching hot day gave way to only a slightly cooler evening and an attempt to get comfortable enough to enable sleep I hear a low growl from Chiweenie Charlie and the unmistakable odor of skunk. Not that full-blown scent, but that wafting, telltale smell that seems to follow these creatures wherever they wander.
Charlie, I don’t think, has ever encountered a skunk. He must have thought it was that sweet kitty returning for a second try at making friendly. In the dim light given off by a neighbor’s solar light enhanced driveway I sense rather than actually see Charlie launch himself through the half-open front window. Seconds later I hear a yelp and then all is silent. Hurriedly dressing and groping around for my shoes I go out in search of Charles and praying, praying, praying he hasn’t been hit full on.

Blundering around unfamiliar territory with minimal lighting due to no streetlights I finally find Charlie standing stock still near my friend’s front rock garden. Gathering this shaking boy up in my arms I can tell he has been sprayed but not much, not even bad enough to even think of making him reside outside for a few days, however, I think he did get it in the eyes and he seems to be in shock that the “nice kitty” did this to him.
Other than a limp and being very sore he seems none the worse for wear. Thankfully no broken bones and nothing happened to his previously broken jaw. I will continue lifting him up and down from bed to floor to the ground until he’s good as new.  He doesn’t mind the extra attention!



DSC_0033 (1)
Happy Charlie at Hat Creek Park

Thanks for stopping by 2 Dogs! We are anxious to start the Big Adventure, but it will happen when it’s supposed to happen just as the perfect buyer came along at His perfectly appointed time.
Hugs, Shawna


Current Read: Great Small Things by Jodi Picoult
What’s in the Night (and Day!) Sky? August planets: Saturn and Jupiter will show off in the evening sky and Venus dazzles in the morning sky. Mercury will disappear in the glare of sunset. Don’t miss the total solar eclipse on 21st, and the Perseid meteor shower will produce the greatest number of meteors in the hours between midnight and predawn August 11, 12, and 13. The bright waning gibbous moon will dampen many meteors, but there will still be many bright ones to see.

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