And So It Begins

Hello – The Chiweenie Brothers and I are happy to announce that we are finally on the road. Our gypsy life has begun!
August 23, 2017 First things first. We must say one last goodbye (for now). We wait for grandson, Zachary, to get out of school for the day and his sister, Emma, brings him by. He is taking band this year and will play the TROMBONE!! He gave me a little concert of the music he is learning, and I think this young man will be darn good at playing the trombone.
Goodbyes and a few shed tears and we’re ready to roll. We make our way to Hwy 299 and point Freedom’s nose eastward. Since we got a late start we don’t get far; our first night is spent at the Honey Lake Rest Area east of Susanville.
August 24th we drive to Winnemucca, Nevada and find a BLM maintained boondock site up Water Canyon. A burbling brook, shade, and large campsites with tables, BBQs, and fire rings make this a very pretty little place to stay, and it’s only four miles from town!


This is to the east of our camp — a little blurry darn it!


The downside: Campsites are right along the graveled road and it has a lot of traffic. The dust kicked up by passing vehicles who don’t read a speed limit sign is pretty bad. The amenities, shade, and some very nice hiking trails almost made up for dust. Almost. Despite that we stay two nights and I am still getting dust out my nose and throat and Freedom is a mess. It’s okay, I needed the rest and a chance to let everything sink in. We’re OUT THERE! As Jack Keurac says, there was no place to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.

“Our” little creek with crystal clear water

The boys loved our walks along the well-maintained hiking trail to the top of the ridge, and take advantage of the nice shade provided by the aspens and cottonwood trees along the little creek to rest up afterwards. Nevada being Nevada there isn’t a lot of shade anywhere and there won’t be anytime soon so we are enjoying this respite.

Burger boy content to let the world go by for now

We get a few more winks both mornings here at Water Canyon due to the mountain blocking out old Sol. I didn’t mind a bit. Cool morning sleep is the best sleep, and I’m all in for that!
Tomorrow we will continue eastward. Several places are possible for the next evening stop, but where we end up will depend entirely on how tired I am. It may be a camp for a couple of days, or it may be just an overnight stop. This gypsy is playing it all by ear and the only thing set in stone right now is that our destination is South Dakota. We will then drop back down south before any weather sets in. There’s plenty of time.
No more shoveling snow. No more toting firewood. No more mowing lawns. Life is good!!


Thanks for stopping by 2Dogs!  Hugs, Shawna