Bridgeport, CA to Yerington, NV

She’s getting pretty close to home; and HOME just doesn’t seem like the right word. She doesn’t belong there anymore. The open road and a new backyard every week or so is testing her heart. The lifestyle feels good. It feels right. But there’s work to be done and she must move toward that before she can move away from it.  

They say goodbye to Mono Lake. The horizon is aglow with this beautiful sunrise …

DSC_0009 (2)

Disappointingly the ghost town of Bodie, just north of Mono Lake isn’t open due to a closure for building inspections after the earthquake east of there in Hawthorne last December.  Something else to put on the list for next year. And she did find two roads on the north end of Mono Lake that looked like they led right to the shoreline, but they didn’t become obvious until she was upon them and no time to stop. TWICE!  That will be added to next year’s list.

Back out on 395 she continues north to Bridgeport.  The crest of the highway reveals this sweeping vista declaring that winter is refusing to give up it’s hold. DSC_0001 (3)

As Freedom rolls into Bridgeport where an intended boondock was located it looked to be right at the snowline so that camp was scrapped. She continues on taking the scenic route, Highways 182 and 338 , which lead to Yerington, NV for the following one night stand–So to speak!


DSC_0005 (3)
The Walker River just north of Bridgeport


The leg from Bridgeport to Yerington is a very pretty drive, following the Walker River for quite a ways and there are several rock canyons to navigate, beautiful ranches and fertile valleys.  She has it planned to take this route again next year either coming or going to Quartzsite. 

DSC_0007 (2)

DSC_0011 (2)
Aren’t you DONE yet?  Stop taking so many pictures!  We want to see our next backyard!

She wasn’t sure she would do that again—the RTR—but she’s made some new friends that she wants to keep in contact with so two weeks enjoying that is planned for next year.  And it’s WARM. This past winter in Arizona was the best!  It’ll be like having a double dose of spring this year; one in Arizona and one back in Cali.

Tonight’s sleepover will be in the Wilson Canyon Rest Area. She hasn’t put in an overabundance of mileage today–dragging her feet and silently screaming “I don’t want to go back!!”–but it’s unknown what lies ahead. This is a beautiful spot to enjoy for the rest of the day and into evening. And it’s quiet even though it’s an OHV area on the bald mountains beyond the Walker River.  Yerington can wait until tomorrow.

It’s still a bit cold for the birds to be nesting I think; these must be from last year.

                                           Raven?                                                  Oriole?

Sunday, March 19th we are up early and she feeds the boys and makes coffee.  She fires up Freedom and away we go, headed to Yerington.  It’s so nice to have beautiful scenery and very little traffic to deal with. The perfect way to travel.

Monday, March 20th — Yerington, NV for our overnight stop; another rest area, not even picture-worthy, but it was quiet. We are the only ones there for the night.

 Tuesday. An internet check shows no places to boondock for a couple of days so it’s probably going to be a rest area again tonight. The boys are not liking less time out in a camp and more time confined in the van, but the lack of boondocking opportunities in Nevada make it necessary. 

We have to take I-80  and it looks like tonight will be yet another rest area.  At least last night’s stay enabled the dogs to be staked outside for a few hours in the evening, but being right off the freeway tonight will be different. There is ample area for some walks though.

Wednesday morning she is in no hurry to get moving. Beginning to sound familiar isn’t it? The boys get a nice long walk in the huge dirt area behind the bathrooms in the rest area then she putts around as long as she dares. It’s been well over the 18 hour limit for parking here; she can’t put off leaving much longer. 

Once we get moving and are headed west the plan is to get fuel in Sparks at the truck stop then a stop at Reno’s Winco grocery store to stock up for house living for a few months. That taken care of it’s a night in the casino parking lot at Bordertown. Poor Burger and The Chiweenie Brothers aren’t going to like this! Tomorrow will be the 150 mile drive that will be the end of this adventure.There won’t be much to write about so it will be a bit of a break with the blog for both her and you.

She thanks you kindly for your continued interest and looks forward to the next installment, whenever that may be.  Hopefully in just a couple short months. The plan is to take care of business and then head to the coast and do a meander northward along Hwy 101 to the Canadian border.

  Happy trails and enjoy spring! Shawna

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    1. Thank you, Jean! I am so pleased that you enjoy reading about our adventures. Sure hoping it won’t be more than a couple of months before the boys and I can head out again. The sunroom damage and flooding in the yard wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated so keeping good thoughts! You take care and enjoy spring if it’s sprung where you are.


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