The Alabama Hills!

The Alabama Hills!  Named after the C.S.S. Alabama, a Confederate warship responsible for wreaking havoc during the Civil War, prospectors sympathetic to the Confederate cause named their mining claims after the Alabama and eventually the name stuck.DSC_0029 (1)

There’s a sharp contrast between the rounded, oddly shaped Alabama Hills and the chiseled ridges of the Sierra Nevada. Made of similar granite rock, the hills were subjected to a different type of erosion known as chemical weathering.  They are spectacular and eerily haunting.

Although I would like to have stayed for several days, one night was all my sinuses could take.  The Hills have heavy traffic, especially this time of year, and the roads have already been ground into a fine powder. And there’s no shade, and the days are getting very, very warm. Freedom got to 85 just before it started cooling down with the setting sun.  Maybe next year it will be a bit better at least weather wise, and I have a campsite all picked out that is away from the main traffic of Movie Road.

The huge flat area between “The Hills” and the Sierra’s is known as Movie Road where many films, some TV, and sections  of films were shot. 

DSC_0003 (1)DSC_0004 (1)DSC_0005 (1)

Movie Road’s credits: Gunga Din, How the West Was Won, Tremors, portions of the TV show Maverick, Django Unchained, The Lone Ranger, Gladiator, and Iron Man to name a few.  New to my Bucket List is to watch all the movies made here.  *smile*. 

The only flowering plant I saw in the Alabama Hills were a couple of scarlet milk-vetch, or locoweed. Hmmm. Wonder how it got that nickname?  DSC_0017 (1)If you are ever travel 395 and Lone Pine, California, the Alabama Hills should definitely be on your “to see” list.  

Arising before dawn the next morning gave me the opportunity to try and get a shot of the setting full moon over the Sierra Nevada.  DSC_0018 (1)DSC_0023 (1)

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2 thoughts on “The Alabama Hills!”

  1. Wow, so different and the holes in the rocks, made by erosion or man? Safe journey, we had rain here last night. Temps in the high 30’s to lo 60’s. Cold front going through into tomorrow with the possibility of snow in the high mountains. Maybe down to 4500ft next week Have fun in you meandering.


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