Parker Dam and Bill Williams NWR

I am in no big hurry and while I don’t actually putt along, I am not rushing either.  I pull over whenever I notice a train of vehicles behind me, and wonder, really, why is everyone in such a dadgum hurry?  The sign for Parker Dam comes into sight and I make the appropriate turn.  The dam is small, not very tall nor very wide, but I get some nice shots of it. It has some interesting columns along it’s side and there is a blue heron sitting in the lone palm tree along one edge of the river.


 I decide not to take the narrow winding road that advertises recreation along the river.  I can just picture hordes of people and I do not want to deal with that. We head back to 95N.

The Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge is the next attraction. Now this is more like it. A huge parking area and there’s only one vehicle there. It’s odd to see wetlands, but cattail beds are growing along the river, and even odder there’s a cactus growing at the northern edge of the brown stalks of grass. One pint size saguaro. The river, a beautiful clear blue, meanders through the wetland grass and disappears in the distance. The bare, jagged mountains make a dramatic backdrop.




 We are off again.

The London Bridge is on my list to see even though I saw it way back when I drove truck. It was dismantled in England and brought here and rebuilt.  It’s pretty cool but the traffic is horrendous and I decide to forego that particular hassle. I just don’t want to fight it.

I spot a Family Dollar that looks like it will be an easy in and out and decide to stop and purchase a couple of things I need.  There is also a Carl’s Junior and I pull in there first and buy the boys a double cheeseburger to share.  They rarely get people food like that, and wow do they love me today!  

We appreciate your interest in our adventures. Hugs, Shawna

Author: 2DogsTravel

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am a mother to two handsome, wonderful sons, Scott and Jeremy, three fur babies: Burger my elderly wire hair fox terrier, and Fries and Charlie the Chiweenie Brothers. I am also proud grandma to four beautiful, sweet, lovely grandchildren: Emma, Fletcher, Zachary, and Patton. I am a sister, aunt, and friend. I am a traveler. I am so glad you have decided to join me on this adventure.

2 thoughts on “Parker Dam and Bill Williams NWR”

  1. Beautiful, and glad you are there safely. Those big stickers on that one cacti looks like it could be a sword… I think I like the water area better than the arid desert..
    Have a great day.


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