Parker, AZ.  Our newest campsite is serene and much different than the Quartzsite and Bouse areas. In just 26 miles from Bouse the rocky ground, ironwood trees, palo verde, saguaro and greasewood give way to sand and greasewood with a few dry bunches of some type of grass mixed in here and there. We’ve only been here a couple of days and after the initial run through town I discovered they have a Walmart and a McDonalds with excellent Wi-Fi so I will be able to get the hotspot/phone sorted out and stock up on supplies . First, though, I plan on taking a couple of days at our campsite before I rush into town to deal with that. I will ask about a dog park, too.dsc_0045

In the mean time I am experimenting with leaving Burger off leash on our walks. He’s doing pretty good, but tends to panic a bit when he dallies behind us and then realizes we have walked on.  Hollering for him doesn’t work well as his hearing is getting worse, but waving of arms to catch his attention works as long as his one good eye catches the motion.  Hoping this new-found bit of freedom will do the old boy good. I won’t go into details but he’s been a bit of a pill over the course of our adventure. I will say I’ve been more than a little irritated with him on more than one occasion.

It’s pretty cool today, in the lower 60s, down from mid 70s back in Bouse and the sky is rich with clouds,  “mare’s tails”,  a type of cirrus cloud which are made up of ice crystals and serve as a warning of an approaching warm front and a possible storm.




UPDATE: We have INTERNET access now!  Wow, what an ordeal trying to get the hotspot from the phone working. It took many sessions with support over several days as I kept losing connection with them while still in Bouse, but McDonald’s here in Parker was the ticket to getting it sorted out.  I am dearly grateful for public Wi-Fi right now! 

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Author: 2DogsTravel

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am a mother to two handsome, wonderful sons, Scott and Jeremy, three fur babies: Burger my elderly wire hair fox terrier, and Fries and Charlie the Chiweenie Brothers. I am also proud grandma to four beautiful, sweet, lovely grandchildren: Emma, Fletcher, Zachary, and Patton. I am a sister, aunt, and friend. I am a traveler. I am so glad you have decided to join me on this adventure.

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