We leave Plomosa Camp near Q and head to Bouse again.  The ocotillo is almost finished blooming, but I found one bloom hanging on for dear life.  It’s a beautiful drive on the cut-off road between the two towns.


We didn’t get that dire sandstorm prediction from our neighbor in Plomosa, but it did show up in Bouse our second day back.

 The wind, gusty and grit filled, slowly obscures the Plomosa Mountains.  If you didn’t know they were there it would be almost impossible to make them out.  Eyes tired from staring at the slide screen all day during the genealogy class I signed up for and scratchy from the dust in the air I drive our vome back to the campsite glad I had taken the time on breaks and during lunch to let the boys run in the huge Bouse Dog Park; I know I don’t have it in me to walk them this Lying on the bed listening to the wind huCamprl sand into Freedom’s side and being gently rocked to and fro with the higher velocity blasts is very soothing. I think the sand swirling in the higher atmosphere gave us the dramatic sunset the next day.

 I think about having to leave–I do eventually have to make my way back to Far Northern California and begin cleanup and repairs from all the snow and rain they have had to contend with this endless winter, but it won’t be this week. I plan to stay on idle for a few days before I make any plans … and getting back to Cali will take me a month so it’s not a rush deal by any means. Just thinking and just thankful that it was only the yard that flooded and the house was spared. The sun room got thrashed again, but it could have been far worse.  My granddaughter sent these photos:

I look at that ugly blue shed thing surrounded by water and have to laugh. My son asked me when I was going to take that thing down and I told him when my grandson was too old to want to play in it. I think he’s past that age now, but it’s still there.

As I contemplate a very laid back evening my tired eyes see a bowlegged modern cowboy walking what looks like a black rooster. Surely not; it must be some very small dog breed with a fluffy tail … It must be, but who knows. My eyes and brain are extremely tired, but back in Quartzsite I saw a monkey in a diaper riding on a woman’s shoulder as they headed inside the local hardware store so really nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

I have yet to get the hotspot working with my new phone subscription so I will stay in Bouse at least over the weekend. Perhaps I can get online again at the library if they leave it on after hours and try to get that little irritant sorted out.  Internet isn’t very reliable anywhere in Bouse.

I have discovered I do not miss Facebook, but I feel isolated and out of sorts without internet and getting email.  Thanks for stopping by 2Dogs! Hugs, Shawna

 CURRENT READ: Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout




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