Settling In


We’ve been in Quartzsite (Or “Q” as most call it) since New Year’s Eve and there were just a few rigs in the LTVA area (long term vehicle area—Long term being 2 weeks). The RTR doesn’t start until the 10th and those that are here said it will begin to fill up around the 8th. Boy, were they spot on.  Yesterday it was practically nonstop with vehicles coming in and trying to find a parking spot.  

The peace and quiet have been heavenly, but that has ended. Not that anyone has been too loud or too obnoxious, there’s just a lot of people, a lot of dogs, and someone is always going by on foot, bicycle, a slow-moving ATV, car, huge diesel pusher or—believe it or not–A Segway!  I kid you not. A couple were patrolling the area via Segway yesterday.

We went to town late last week to get a few chores accomplished and discovered the water kiosks where you can buy water–Bring-your-own-container style–for 25 cents a gallon, 5 gallons for $1.00.

The local post office is like no other small post office I have ever seen.  Swollen with the “Snow Bird” crowd, the tiny office was a sardine can. The lucky person at the counter when I walked in was followed by a line that snaked out behind her and continued out the office door, went to the back of the corridor lined with locals’ mail boxes, and doubled back. As the line progressed the person who ended up by the door going into the tiny reception area was the designated “doorman”. Not opening the door for anyone, but holding it open period.  The single clerk manning the counter was friendly and efficient and it really didn’t take that long to become the one being waited on thank goodness.

dsc_0054The little grocery store I went to was jam packed, too.  The prices were high, as expected, but they weren’t outrageously so. That being said, I discovered the Dollar General and found many of the things I had already purchased at a much lower price.  Mental note taken.

I leave you with more Arizona eye candy. Arizona, without a doubt, has the prettiest sunrises and sunsets I have ever seen.


Thanks for stopping by 2 Dogs! Hugs, Shawna 

CURRENT READ: The Atlantis Gene by A. G. Riddle

WHAT’S IN THE SKY:  Venus is still the queen of the night sky. Mercury makes an appearance in the morning sky before sunrise and you can still view this planet for a bit after sunrise.

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One thought on “Settling In”

  1. Yea! Glad to see you are settled in and yes, those are beautiful sunrises and sets..but still think we have some here that are a 12/10…and I love the ocean. However we all have been hanging on to keep from being swept into the rivers and streams. It had rained away all the snow until wed night and it dumped another 4-6″ here, easy to get in and out tho and colder at night. Roads are good. Amazing how much the rain has soaked in…I expected my drive way to be a skating rink..Not so. Have a wonderful time getting to know some of the snow birds..I am sure there are many tales to tell.


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