Hello blog readers.  As you may have seen on my Facebook page, I am going to quit posting in Blogger. Their new requirement that you be part of a certain group is going into affect and will eliminate a lot of people who may want to read about our adventures but do not want to be forced into joining that particular group or any other.  I don’t think that’s very nice or very prudent of them.

I am looking into migrating all previous posts, but if that is something that won’t be allowed then I shall post a link on the new website so you can get back here easily. OR, if there’s something you want to look at again just let me know and I will try and get that particular post onto the new website. Yes, I can copy and paste as I did with the last post on this site, but I am pretty sure it will stack them from newest post first and it will put all the travel stuff out of sync, BUT I will be looking into what I can do, so bear with me. Until then please go to the new site (with a NEW NAME) …

http://2dogstravel.com  . I will be posting announcements on Facebook for a while until everyone who is interested has had a chance to check it out and, hopefully, follow.  Following is a much easier process on the new site.  Simply click on the follow button, add your email address (which is never published) and you will be sent an email when a new post is published. Super easy.  No Google Friends to be a part of nor any other group, nor will you have to choose which group you belong to if  you would like to leave a comment, and I hope you do. (We love comments! Shows us that you really are reading our blog!  🙂   It’s really straight forward.

Again, please bear with me while we get it all sorted out. 

Thanks for being faithful to our blog(s). Hugs to all. Shawna 

Author: 2DogsTravel

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am a mother to two handsome, wonderful sons, Scott and Jeremy, three fur babies: Burger my elderly wire hair fox terrier, and Fries and Charlie the Chiweenie Brothers. I am also proud grandma to four beautiful, sweet, lovely grandchildren: Emma, Fletcher, Zachary, and Patton. I am a sister, aunt, and friend. I am a traveler. I am so glad you have decided to join me on this adventure.

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