It’s All New

Hello sweet peeps! I’m not posting any longer in  Apparently Blogger decided to eliminate a lot of traffic by requiring readers to belong to certain groups.  I thought that very unfair and limiting so I jumped ship. I am really hoping I will be able to migrate previous content.  If not … I don’t know.  Perhaps I can put a link on the blog here at WordPress and if there is something you want to look at again; you would have a way to search for it.

In the mean time I have copied and  pasted my previous post into this one just to get the ball rolling.  It’s a start. Please be patient with me while I learn a new platform in which to showcase our adventures.  There may be many changes.

Look What Came In

 Good morning! Or afternoon if that is the case.  The boys and I are snug as bugs, staying inside and keeping ourselves warm and occupied.  Well, I’M keeping occupied; those three nap most of the time.  And eat. And nap. And eat. By then it’s bedtime.

Oh, they do venture out into the snow and cold for a quick romp and tending to business, but for the most part they curl up and half-hibernate.  I, on the other hand, am typing my fingers to the bone day in and day out to keep food on the table and cord wood in good supply.  Ha! We aren’t really as desperate as that sounds, but it made for good copy, no?  It’s a long way to spring … I can now amend this to spring is almost here!

Besides steady work and trying to keep the hounds occupied when they aren’t napping, these cold winter days are sliding by with dreams of spring, a sale, and Miss Freedom’s  launch into full-timing.  This is our year!  This will happen!  That’s been my refrain.

From my evil twin’s perspective the fear and trepidation creep in and whisper “No, it won’t.  What are going to do when this or that happens.  What happens if ____?”, and my mind is off and running with all kinds of depressing, paralyzing thoughts, as the ‘what if’s’ try to take hold. For the most part, though, I am able to keep them at bay, and I know when the time is right, in God’s timing, it will happen.

The Van Plan is moving forward regardless of the negativity that creeps in now and again; mostly when I am hauling wood to the house in the rain and cold, or pushing that cart through snow loaded up with a day’s worth of warmth. Then it’s yeah, baby, can’t wait to get out of here; don’t want to do this anymore!  And always, always when something comes in the mail that makes the wanderlust spark burn bright and hot,  then The Van Plan and all that that entails comes bursting through the doubts.  That was the case today. These came in the mail, and I can’t wait to install them.

They are called vent visors and will allow the front windows to be down almost two inches to provide ventilation without sacrificing security or letting rain come blowing in. The windows can also be cranked all the up as they are installed inside the window frame at the top.  Cool, huh? Can’t wait to install them! That, though, will have to wait for dryer, warmer weather. There’s something else on order that didn’t arrive, but that’s another post. And something to look forward to 😉 .

Thank for stopping by 2DogsTravel.  I will make this change as easy as possible.
Hugs to all of  you, Shawna


Author: 2DogsTravel

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am a full-time traveler, retired from a lifetime of different occupations, traveling the country with my two little dogs, Fries and Charlie B; The Chiweenie Brothers. You never know where you might find us, but if you do stop by and say hi . . . If you can get past the two best watch dogs in the universe! Happy Trails!

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