We Left at Noon…..

for a little adventure not far from home but far enough to give us a good idea of what we may be lacking or what we might be needing to eliminate.  And the boys are really excited.  They know when we are going somewhere, and the biggest challenge in getting prepared is making sure they don’t get stepped on while running back and forth from house to Miss Freedom. Finally we are ready to roll.

This gorgeous park is only 40 miles from home, and it is such a treasure.  One of the sleeping volcanoes in the Cascade Range, Lassen Peak rises to a height of  10,457 feet.  She last erupted in 1915 and became a national park in 1916.  You can read more HERE.                  CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE

  No snow remains on Lassen.  In years past sometimes the road into Lassen Park is covered with 14 feet of snow and isn’t cleared until around July 4th.  The record late opening was sometime in August, but I can’t remember what year that was. 
We spend our day meandering through the 35 miles of road feasting our eyes on the meadows, crags, gorgeous lakes, blooming wildflowers, and rocky devastated areas, with frequent photo stops and doggy sniff fests.  We don’t hike into Bumpass Hell (no dogs allowed on the trails, dang it) but you can check out the sulfur fumaroles HERE.  I have made this hike before and it’s not far and well worth it.  
Lake Helen

Emerald Lake

Diamond Peak

One of several meadows in the park    

Our ride through the park completed, The Chiweenie Brothers, Burger, and I exit Lassen National Park and search for a place to camp.  The target is Hole in the Ground Campground.  We turn left and head east on Highway 36.  According to the Benchmark Atlas of California which I discovered via a fellow adventurer—thanks RVSue!—this campground is not too far off the highway and the boys and I look forward to setting up camp and enjoying our evening.  To be continued….