Master Grocery List

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Today I would like to share with you my master grocery list.  How boring, huh?  Yes, it is, however, once you have this down it makes grocery shopping a little bit easier. And I am all for easy.  The beauty of this list is that it works for ANY grocery store.  You see, the list is organized into food sections, not store sections, so even though you may go to 2 or 3 different stores, it’s pretty likely that the store you enter will have their items grouped together.  I make a dozen copies of the master list at a time and keep them in a folder. I have a little pad and pencil that is attached to my ‘fridge with a magnet and as I notice something running low, I make a note of it.  When grocery shopping day comes, my noted items are transferred to my master list.  You can highlight the things you buy on almost every grocery shopping expedition if you want. It is easy to just ignore that item if on that particular trip you don’t need to buy, say, milk, but it is always there so you don’t forget. Everything else to buy is check marked (or you could highlight these additional items if you want).  With shopping list in hand, just cruise your store’s isles looking for the group of food items on your list that corresponds to the isle you are cruising.  Easy peasy.

If you are in a particularly frugal, save-the-planet kinda mood, then once you are back home you can simply pull out your list and put a line through the items you bought that you are sure you will not be buying on the next shopping expedition; say, that two cans of coffee you bought on sale.  Or scribble through it, or use a black Magic Marker. Any method works as long as you know not to buy that item the next shopping trip.  Leave the items you will most likely buy again on the next round of shopping checked or highlighted or however you are marking them as an item to purchase. This gives you the use of the same list for a second time if you want to take frugality that far.  This sometimes works even a third time.  Ya save a lot of paper, thus saving the planet and its inhabitants.  🙂   When you’re finally done with this list after the 100th use —-
 🙂 ha, ha——- you can throw that dang list in the recycle bin and pull out a brand spanking new list.  OR just use a new one every time, justifying this waste by enjoying the wonderful sensation of having a brand new slate, so to speak.  Bet you never thought a grocery list had so much potential did you?  🙂

So here’s the master list. It didn’t copy and paste in the correct order, it is a three-column list, but you get the idea.  If you want the list in the correct format, just email me and I will send you one that looks the way it should!!!  Notice that food items are grouped together. Vegetables in one section, bulk items in another section. Meat has its own section as does dairy. Then there are canned goods, baking items, paper goods and on and on. Friendly list for any grocery store you enter because we all know they group things together at the store. If you enter one that does not, please, make a hasty retreat. We can only shop in organized stores!! 🙂 The point is, make one of these that works for you. You know what your family needs and not all master grocery lists will be the same for every family. Just remember to use it —- it will make grocery shopping a lot easier. Have a fabulous week!
Darn I wish this was in its 3-column format.  It looks so purty that way!
Fresh Fruit

o ___________

o ___________

o ___________

Fresh Veggies

o ___________

o ___________

o ___________

Bulk Items

o Nuts, wal, almnds              Notice that I shortened some of the words in order to keep them within their
o Choc chips

o Flour, reg, ww, bread

o Oatmeal, reg, instant

o Popcorn

o Peanuts/pumpk seed

o Bran/wheat germ

o Baking soda

o Sugar, gran, powder

o Flax seed, grnd, whl

o Tea

o Dog treats


o __________

o __________

Deli Items

o Salad

o Lunch meat

o Fish/shrimp


o Mayo/Mustard

o Ketchup/relish

o Salad dressing

o Horseradish


o Milk, Butter milk

o Eggs

o Yogurt

o Cottage cheese

o Butter/margarine

o Whip Crm H & H

o Juice

o Cheese

o Cream cheese

o Pie crust

o Cookie dough

Canned Goods

o Tomatoes

o Tomato sauce

o Beans

o Veggies

o Fruit

o Juice

o Milk

o Soup

o Broth

Baking Items

o Cake Mix

o Flour

o Sugar

o Pancake mix

o Vanilla/spices

o Pudding/Jello

o Quick breads

o Cookie mix

o Oil

o Vegetable shortening

o Spray oil

o Vinegar


o Chicken __________

o Beef _____________

o Pork_____________

Breads, Rolls, Chips

o Bread

o Buns

o Rolls

o Chips ____________

Pet Food

o Cat , dry, canned

o Dog , dry, canned

o Treats

Cleaning Items

o Borax

o Bath soap

o Hand soap

o Stain remover

o Furniture polish

o Sponges

o Deodorizers


o Soda

o Wine

o liquor

Paper Goods

o Napkins

o Paper towels

o Toilet paper

o Kleenex

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